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The Last Tolerated Hate Crime

Group Sues Over Christian College’s Funding:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska ? A group advocating the separation of church and state (search) has sued the federal Education Department over funding for a tiny Christian college with a predominantly Alaska Native or American Indian student body.

Alaska Christian College (search) in Soldotna has just 37 students, but has received more than $1 million in federal money in the past two years, according to the Freedom From Religion Foundation (search).

The college is affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Alaska.

“This is just promoting religion,” Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Wisconsin-based foundation, said Tuesday. The group’s lawsuit was filed Thursday in Wisconsin.

College President Keith Hamilton said Tuesday the college, which offers a two-year degree, undergoes a rigorous process before receiving the money.

“Throughout this granting process ACC has acted with integrity and honesty and has spent the money in the manner that has been approved by the Department of Education,” said a statement issued Tuesday by the college.

Hamilton said the college helps students make the transition from village life to larger schools; he said half of the students next year will be matriculating at Kenai Peninsula College.

Cut me a fucking break. We have a school that helps native Alaskan kids make the transition from village life to life outside the village and all these anti-religious assclowns care about is that it’s promoting Christianity. They’re not even anti-religious. They’re anti-Christian. You never hear of these groups speaking out against Judaism, or Islam, or Wicca, or worshipping a head of lettuce named Ralph. It’s always those damned Christians. You know the ones. The ones that come into your house and drag you out into the streets and make you attend a Christian service against your will. God forbid that a Christian organization actually provides a useful service. This is not a government endorsement of a particular religion. This is the government trying to help out a struggling school that provides a useful service for its students. And why isn’t anyone calling the Freedom From Religion Foundation racist for trying to deny funds of a school that is made up of Alaskan natives. I guess they’re thinking is “Well since they’re Christian we’ll just lump them in with the white folk” or “It’s more important to eradicate religion than to have children learn.” Remember folks it’s freedom OF religion. If you don’t like the religion I practice then you don’t have to participate. Religious discrimination. The last tolerated hate crime in America.