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Frostbite vs. Blunt Force Trauma


Autopsy says dead toddler had been burned:

In North Pole, Alaska, police recently arrested 24-year-old Amber Lynn Aubrey Swanson in the death of her 18-month-old son, Julian Swanson-Byrd.

Swanson told the staff at the local hospital that Julian had frostbite after falling from a car window into the snow. She claimed that she took Julian for a drive to get him to sleep and when she stopped the car she fell asleep. When she woke up she claims that Julian somehow opened the window and climbed out of the car and was face down in the snow. She brought him to the hospital after he had already passed.

Except when the autopsy was done the medical examiner claims that the frostbite was actually thermal burns and that Julian had died from blunt force trauma to the head.

I’m not sure the type of car involved in this story but let’s say for a moment that Julian fell from the window of the car. I would assume that most people in a place like North Pole would drive trucks or SUVs or some kind of 4×4 which can be pretty tall. Combine the height of the alleged fall and the amount of snow that would have been present to cover the boy’s body like that could the fall have caused the blunt force trauma. I’m thinking no. Not to mention the frostbite wasn’t even frostbite to begin with.

Again here’s a thought people, the doctors are smarter than you. Instead of thinking up lies in order to get yourself out of trouble how about not abusing your kids in the first place?

Thanks to Blue for the tip.

4 arrested in AK craigslist child sex abuse case


Men arrested in child sexual abuse case:

Police in Anchorage, Alaska have arrested 4 men charged with having some kind of sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy.

20-year-old Brandin Carpenter is said to have been a family friend of the boy and has been charged with sexually assaulting him.

23-year-old Samuel Bair was arrested after soliciting the boy for sex over craigslist. The boy is said to have placed an ad on craigslist for sex.

26-year-old Yasin Soofizadeh and 49-year-old Nathan Merkel were arrested after they allegedly responded to ads placed by police posing as the boy. This leads me to believe that these two possibly could have previously abused the boy and police posed as the boy to fish them out. That is purely speculation on my part however.

But this story goes to show two things. The first is where were this boy’s parents to allow him to post on craigslist? I don’t blame the boy for posting on craigslist because I would bet that he was initially corrupted into that lifestyle by his so-called family friend. Secondly again where was the so-called community policing by craigslist. If this was posted in either the personals or the casual encounters section why was the ad not flagged by the community. It’s because the community doesn’t care about 14-year-old boys unless they’re shopping for one.

As I keep harping craigslist has a long way to go in cleaning itself up.

MySpace predator had mommy pick up his victim

Aaron MacClellan

Aaron MacClellan

Man faces charges after Web connection with girl, 11:

23-year-old Aaron MacClellan of Anchorage, Alaska has been charged with sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl he met over MySpace. He allegedly had the girl sneak out of a slumber party that she was at and had his mom pick the girl up.

The girl allegedly claimed that she was 16 on MySpace but told MacClellan her real age when they met. It seems that the age didn’t stop MacClellan from allegedly bad touching the girl and trying to get one in return.

Police say there is no way the girl looked 16.

16 is the legal age of consent in Alaska. Just because something is legal that does not necessarily make it right. The mom isn’t being charged but what self-respecting mother would bring home a 16-year-old girl, let alone an 11-year-old one, for her son?

Just as an aside, on the version of MacClellan’s MySpace that I found his top friend was Miley Cyrus. Creepy.

Thanks to Mr. A for the tip.

UPDATE: I almost forgot. 11-year-olds shouldn’t be on MySpace. Where were her parents?

Why the ‘she said she was 18’ defense never works

Marty Stokes

Marty Stokes

Man charged with sex abuse of underage MySpace contact:

That angry-looking man over there is 23-year-old Marty Stokes of Anchorage, Alaska.

He’s been arrested for having sex with an underage girl he met on MySpace. The girl said she was 19 however according to the article a glance at her MySpace would actually reveal that she was a freshman or sophomore in high school and not 19.

Stokes is accused of having sex with her at his place at least twice.

Now guess what Alaska law says about this…

The law says a person must take “reasonable” steps to find out the age of someone they’re having sex with.

I’m guessing that Mr. Angry didn’t ask for ID.

Feds bust major prostitution ring in Alaska

Feds seek 4th suspect in sex trafficking, prostitution ring:

The FBI, the IRS and the Anchorage, Alaska police department have busted a major prostitution and trafficking ring that has operated on craigslist since 2006.

Authorities have arrested Sabil Mumin Mujahid, Sidney Lamar Greene, and Rand Hooks while Keyana “Koko” Marshall remains at large.

The quartet are accused of prostituting at least 50 women with at least 3 underage girls. They are also accused of identity theft and tax fraud because they would get the personal information of their victims and use it to file tax returns and collect the money. Sounds like a lot of victims in a victimless crime.

Not to mention the fact that this went on craigslist for 3 years with it never being flagged. Go figure.