Cleveland area predators

Broadview Heights men accused of raping girls met on MySpace:

CLEVELAND — Two Broadview Heights men are accused of raping young girls they met on the web site MySpace.

Channel 3 News first told you about 21-year-old Albert Azolino back in March.

He is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old Strongsville student lured to his home through internet chat.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason says Azolino and 33-year-old friend Timothy Norman face rape, unlawful sexual contact with minors, and pandering charges.

The prosecutor warns parents to be leery of the kids spending time on this web site.

“It’s like a catalogue for predators,” Mason said. “It’s got the pictures of the kids so anybody who wants to get online — they go on to, look at the pictures and click on it. Up comes the profile of the person they just click on.”

Mason says the suspects would offer alcohol to the kids then photograph them during sex acts.

If convicted the two could face life in prison.

I was unable to find the MySpaces of either suspects. If you know of them please let me know.

Broadview Heights Suspect's MySpace?

Yesterday I posted a story about a 21-year-old man from Broadview Heights, Ohio who is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl he allegedly met through MySpace.

The article said that most of his “friends” on MySpace we’re all porn stars. At the time that I wrote the entry I was unable to find the MySpace belonging to the accused.

Well, Mr. A in all his sleuthiness found a MySpace profile that fits the age, location, and description. We’re not saying it is the accused, we’re just saying that there’s a great possibility it is. The profile can be found here. (NSFW) We’ll let you be the judge. Now remember he’s only been accused and has not been arrested as of yet.

14-year-old accuses man of rape she met through MySpace

Strongsville student accuses man she met on of rape:

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS – Broadview Heights Detective Donald Polick is investigating a claim that a 14-year-old Strongsville student met 21-year-old Albert Azolino on his page and was lured to a sexual encounter.

The victim told police her first face-to-face meeting with the suspect was at Strongsville High School.

He arrived before class and picked her up. The two drove to her home where she says she was raped.

Azolino has not been charged, but the allegation lead to a search of his Broadview Heights home. Police confiscated a computer, cameras and cell phones and CD’s.

“They don’t stick with one child – they do tend to look for more it seems to be a trend among internet predators,” police say.

Broadview Heights Police says porn stars are among Azolino’s buddy list.

“It’s a little bit disturbing being involved with someone involved in the porn industry and then talking with 14-year-old girls is not a good mix,” police added.

Perhaps just as disturbing, Target 3 found police records dating back to 2003 implicating Azolino in another similar case.

He was found with a knife, beer in the trunk and an underage girl in the car while parked at Beachwood High School.

Broadview Heights Police discovered during this five-month investigation that two more friends of the victims admitted having internet chats with Azolino.

I couldn’t find his MySpace profile at this time.

Again I ask, parents, do you know who your children are meeting through MySpace?