Tim Kretschmer’s father convicted of manslaughter


Joerg Kretschmer, the father of Albertville-Realschule gunman Tim Kretschmer, was convicted of manslaughter for not properly securing the gun that his son used to kill 15 people and himself.

It may sound like justice was served but it wasn’t as the elder Kretschmer received a 21 month suspended sentence. That means that he won’t even see the inside of a German prison cell. To make matters worse Kretschmer’s attorney plans on appealing the non-sentence.

So not only did Kretchmer’s father not keep his gun secure but he was also informed about his son’s lack of mental well-being, did nothing about it and not only does he receive no jail time but also has the temerity to try to appeal the sentence while 15 people were killed for no reason? Again, that’s not even close to justice.

Foiled UK plotter knew German killer

Tim Kretschmer dead

Tim Kretschmer dead

An unnamed UK teen was arrested back in March of 2009 for plotting an attack against Attleborough High School in the UK. He posted a threat against his school on the forums of Newgrounds.com. A Canadian moderator on the forum found the threat and contacted authorities. The kid was arrested at the school with a backpack filled with gasoline, matches and a knife. The kid, now 17, has been ordered held under UK mental health laws as a judge ruled he is still a danger.

Supposedly the motive behind his attack was that he was ‘teased’ and felt ‘neglected and let down’ by the school. He is also said to have Asperger’s syndrome as well.

Now before you feel sorry for this kid it turns out that not only was he a bona fide mutant he had also been in frequent contact with one of Germany’s biggest mass murderers. The kids had a fascination with Columbine even using the a picture from the Columbine massacre as his forum signature. He also had frequent contact with Tim Kretschmer who killed 15 people at the Albertville-Realschule before being killed himself. The attack in Germany took place five days before the UK teen was arrested.

This is not the first time that I’ve heard of these mutants being in contact with each other. Back in 2008 when Dillon Cossey was arrested for plotting an attack at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School it turned out that he had been in contact with  Pekka-Eric Auvinen who killed 8 people at the Jokela High School in Finland.

Again this is just another reason why parents need to moderate their kids’ online activities. Not only do you need to keep them away from online predators but you never know when you may have to protect the public from them.

Kretschmer’s father goes on tiral

Tim Kretschmer dead

Tim Kretschmer dead

German father on trial over son’s deadly shooting spree:

In Germany Joerg Kretschmer is on trial for allowing his son easy access to his gun. The gun in question is the gun that his son, Tim Kretschmer, used in his attack of Albertville-Realschule and the surrounding area where he killed 12 before taking the coward’s way out.

The elder Kretschmer’s trial is supposedly going to take 27 days which seems like an awfully long time for crimes that could bring him at the most a year in prison. Since no one ever gets the max anymore I doubt he will even see the inside of a cell.

He was going to be tried for manslaughter but the German courts ruled that his actions did not lead directly to the massacre.

Tim Kretschmer’s father gets lesser charge

No homicide charge for father of Winnenden killer:

The last we heard Tim Kretschmer’s father, Joerg Kretschmer, was being charged with 15 counts of negligent homicide for basically allowing access to his gun so his son could go on a rampage killing 15 people in the Albertville-Realschule and around Winnenden, Germany.

Prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to charge Kretschmer the elder on manslaughter charges however he is still being charged with enabling his son to have access to the gun and ammunition.

No word on what the potential sentencing would be but whatever it is it would not be nearly what he deserves.

Tim Kretschmer’s father charged

German father charged over son’s shooting spree:

The father of Albertville-Realschule gunman Tim Kretschmer, Joerg Kretschmer, has officially been charged with 15 counts of negligent manslaughter.

If you’ll recall Tim Kretschmer used his father’s legal gun to commit the massacre at the Winniden, Germany school before escaping the school and killing more before he took the coward’s way out.

German prosecutors say the Kretschmer the elder negligently stored his guns and ammo.

And yet the negligent parents of the Columbine shooters are still free.

Recently it was revealed that Kretschmer Sr. took his son to buy ammo days before the massacre.

He’s looking at ten years if convicted.

Kretschmer’s father to face charges

Tim Kretschmer’s father faces criminal charges:

You all remember Tim Kretschmer don’t you? He was the cowardly scumbag who killed 15 in Winneden, Germany after shooting up Albertville-Realschule.

For once a neglectful parent is being held responsible for their role in one of these massacres.

Kretschmer’s father is being charged with 15 counts of negligent manslaughter for not securing the gun that his idiot son used in his killing spree.

No word on what the possible sentencing will be.

Kretschmer talked about massacre online

Killer Tim Kretschmer fantasised online before massacre:

It seems that Tim Kretschmer, he of the school massacre in Winnenden, Germany, fantasized about his future killing spree online. This isn’t that fake crap from the German 4chan site either.

Well I would definitely think about f…ing stuff up. Killing everybody, hate and all that, and I’m sure loads of people would do so too,” wrote Kretschmer, whose user name was “JawsPredator1”.

“I just mean you would be famous and stay in people’s memories,” he said, adding later: “That would be really fun. It would be less fun for the victims’ relatives.”

He also cited as an inspiration Ted Bundy, saying the notorious 1970s US serial killer would still be remembered “in 500 years

No my misguided mutant miscreant. While Ted Bundy may be remembered for 500 years you will only be a footnote in history. In just a few years people outside of Germany will be struggling to remember your name.

The only thing you and Bundy have in common is your both burning in hell for your cowardly acts.

Scientology blames Albertville-Realschule on psychiatry

Go figure huh?

German Killer 13th School Shooter Under Influence of Psychiatry’s Drugs:

Check out this press release from The Citizens Commission on Human Rights aka the anti-psychiatry arm of the Church of Scientology.

The Winnendon, Germany school shooting, which left 17 dead including the gunman, appears to be the latest in the chain of psychiatric drug-induced school shootings. A March 15 article in Scotland on Sunday, revealed that the shooter, Tim Kretschmer, “had been suffering from depression, even attending a clinic and receiving medication for the condition.”

That’s funny because I never saw such an article. As a matter of fact I saw a different article from England that said Tim Kretschmer was not on any kind of psychiatric medication. Unlike the Luddites at CoS I actually cite my source.

Hostage: Kretschmer killed for fun

The man who Tim Kretschmer carjacked is sort of a hero. The man, 41-year-old Igor Wolf, wanted to bail at a red light but noticed mothers with children in strollers. Wolf feared that Kretschmer would start shooting then if Wolf escaped. Instead Wolf veered off the road when he spotted a police car. Wolf was able to escape unharmed.

However while Kretschmer was in Wolf’s car he said he had killed his 12 victims at Albertville-Realschule for fun. Wolf said that Kretschmer was also looking for another school to attack.

Wolf said he asked Kretschmer, 17, why he had killed people at the school.

“He answered very loudly: ‘for fun — because it’s fun,'” Wolf told Stern.

Kretschmer also asked: “do you think we can find another school?” according to Wolf, who said he distracted Kretschmer by changing the subject.

Who knows how many lives Herr Wolf saved on that day.

More on Kretschmer: Myths Debunked

Mass killer ‘rejected’ by girl at party:

I’m still behind on collecting all the information of the Albertville-Realschule massacre but this article contained some interesting information.

I’m not going to comment just yet on the theory that Kretschmer had been previously rejected by one of his victims but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.

It seems that Kretschmer may have in fact been a mutant. According to police he participated on a school shooting message board using the username of “JawsPredator1”. For those of you new to this clambake I use the term mutant to mean people who either idolize, worship or sympathized with school shooters.

As with a lot of school shooters Kretschmer was spoiled. One story says that Kretschmer, who was an avid table tennis player, played European table tennis champion Timo Boll at his 11th birthday party which was arranged by his father. Spoiled kids like this who turn out to be killers usually believe that the world owes them everything on a silver platter so when the world doesn’t go their way they claim the world is unfair and somehow think these killings are some kind of retribution.

Speaking of table tennis Kretschmer was allegedly very good at it. However people who knew him in table tennis circles said that when he would lose he would blame it on everything but himself.

According to his teachers Kretschmer was not bullied. So can we shut up about that already?

And finally police say that Kretschmer was not on any kind of psychiatric medication. Do you got that now you tin foil hat wearing anti-psychiatry wearing Luddites?

So let’s sum up, not bullied, no drugs, spoiled brat. Anything else you want to try to blame this on? I didn’t think so.