Florida Breeder charged when 13-year-old runs over his 6-year-old daughter

David Courson

Bond Denied For Man Charged In Daughter’s Death:

38-year-old David Courson of Monticello, Florida, has been charged with manslaughter in the January death of his 6-year-old daughter Becca. Police allege that Courson was letting a 13-year-old drive his truck when the accident happened. They say that Courson was drunk and liquor, weed and what sounds like to me were homemade redneck fireworks, i.e., a bomb.

And oh yeah the 13-year-old was not his daughter but he’s been arrested for allegedly having sex with her.

With Courson’s wife listening in court on Monday, the prosecutor read some of those messages including one from Courson to the girl about his wife.

“I think she’s jealous of you, you’re everything she is not…pretty, sexy and smart,” said the message.

There was also this exchange between Courson and the girl about their sexual encounter and what Courson’s wife would think about it.

“If she knew what had happened in her bed she would need counseling,” said Courson. “It was on her side of it too,” the girl replied. “Ha, ha, ha all she would need is sound effects,” Courson replied.

So drunk redneck letting his 13-year-old squeeze drive the truck that killed his daughter. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah. His wife may or may not be standing by her man.

Following his arrest last month his wife told us she was supporting her husband.

After court, we asked her if she still was and she referred us to David’s lawyer.

If this story was any more classy I’d have to rent a tux.

This story makes me want to break out the old chestnut of you need a license to own a dog but any idiot can have a kid.

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The man from Nantucket is a scumbag

Nantucket man held in alleged infant assault:

There once was man from Nantucket. Who allegedly got drunk and beat his infant son until he vomited on Christmas Day after beating his baby’s mama on Christmas Eve. Yeah I know it doesn’t rhyme but 22-year-old Gerson Lopez of Nantucket is accused of everything I just said. He is also known as Gerson Francisco Lopez Delgado You Killed My Father Prepare To Die. No wait, that was someone else.

The child was airlifted to Boston where doctors say he may have a brain injury.

So can you come up with a better limerick for this scumbag? All I can come up with is telling him to “suck it”.

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Ga. man passed out after killing daughter

Dalton Father Charged In Girl’s Death:

Father Charged in Daughter’s Death:

29-year-old Nathaniel Roderick Hester of Dalton, Ga. has been charged with murder in the death of his one-month-old daughter Piper Hayden Hester. As much as I hate to say this but it’s the typical story around here about how she died. The autopsy revealed that she died from blunt force trauma but what really got to me is what happened after she died.

Piper’s mother found both the baby and Hester on the floor. Piper was not breathing and Hester was passed out. Police say that alcohol may have been a factor. Ya think? But he took off before paramedics and police arrived but came back before they left. He allegedly ignored the police orders to surrender. It doesn’t say if he got a smackdown or a tasering. With any luck he got both.

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Woman on the run in suffocation death of daughter

San Jose police seek mother in death of infant girl:

Police in San Jose, California are looking for 23-year-old Christina Robledo. Check the mugshot in the article. She looks a lot older than 23. Then again police say she’s a known drug and alcohol abuser so that would explain a lot.

Police say that in a drug and alcohol influenced stupor she passed out on top of her infant daughter Neveah Salinas Robledo. The autopsy report showed that she died from asphyxiation.

Again people, when you have kids it’s time to stop doing drugs and drinking like a fish. If you love your drugs more than your kids either don’t have kids, don’t screw around, and if you do have kids just give them up for adoption so they could at least have a fighting chance in the world.

Now an infant girl is dead because of stupid choices her birth organism made.

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Kimberly Kelley charged in infant’s death

Mom charged in infant’s suffocation death:

30-year-old Kimberly Kelley has been charged with the asphyxiation death of her 15-week-old son Nathan Wisniewski. She allegedly pressed down on his back so hard while he was in a face down position that the embroidery on the back of his shirt left marks.

She called Nathan’s father drunk and said “With no fault of mine, if Nathan died tonight, you don’t know what it would feel like.”

You would think that someone who legitimately lost a child due to medical problems four years ago wouldn’t even consider killing their own child. You would think that child would be the most precious thing in their life. However it seems to me that her getting her drink on was more important.

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