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How about a little PUNCH with your meat

We have a new Punch in the Head award winner today. It’s a man who by all rights should have won one 3 years ago for his famous “I’ll move to France” remark which he later recanted. That’s right ladies and gentleman, I present to you Alec Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin has now narrated an anti-meat documentary (read propaganda) for the fine folks at PETA. From the article…

In a letter to journalists, Baldwin said the film “documents the routine and horrific abuses that animals raised and killed for food endure and makes the case for Americans to adopt a vegetarian diet and enact humane legislation to weed out the worst abuses.”

Do Mr. Baldwin and PETA not know that we live in a free society capable of making our own choices? I guess they do not as they continually try to jam their agenda down our throats. It’s a shame really to see that PETA is so narrow-minded that they think that their opinion is fact. For this Mr. Baldwin please hold still while you receive your award.