Craigslist drugs for sex sting leads to seized guns. Wait, what?


Craigslist drugs-for-sex sting nets Lehigh Valley man, police say:

Craigslist sex-for-drugs sting leads to 3 arrests, gun seizures:

In Pennsylvania the Monroe County Drug Task Force placed an ad on craigslist posing as a woman new to the area looking to buy weed. According to police it only took a few minutes before people were offering to provide weed to the fictitious woman. Before we continue this is not entrapment so shove that idea right now.

Anyway they arrested three men in the sting. In no particular order we first have 19-year-old Alec Jeffrey Nemeth. He allegedly agreed to provide the woman with weed in exchange for sex. Still illegal by the way. Police say he showed up with weed, paraphernalia, and condoms. I imagine it was a boner killer when he was met by police instead.

Next up we have 39-year-old Igor Voloshin. When he showed up to meet the woman he said he was there to ‘share’ his weed with his new-found romance. He allegedly also thought he was getting booty for weed. Voloshin was allegedly caught with weed, a grinder (not the sandwich) and a loaded .40 caliber handgun. I thought stoners were a huge brotherly community with no penchant for violence. If you think I’m just focusing on one guy with a gun guess again.

It seems the task force hit the jackpot (no pun intended) when they arrested 49-year-old Albert E. Gomez. Gomez allegedly told police that he was there to trade either weed or cash with the woman in exchange for a mouth hug. When Gomez’s vehicle was searched police supposedly found weed, rolling papers, condoms, brass knuckles and an ax handle. But wait, there’s more. When police searched his house reports say that they found a large growing operation and 17 guns. Maybe he was just trying to collect enough guns for a 21 gun salute for the next 4/20.

Craigslist is obviously the short bus for drug dealers.

You can save your ‘legalize it’ arguments too. The gangs, cartels and other criminals aren’t going to willingly give up their profits without a fight.