Why haven’t we heard about Backpage lately?


Man charged with prostituting minor on backpage.com:

Pierce Co. prosecutors: man pimped out two teenage girls:

Recently in Pierce County, Washington investigators there arrested 29-year-old Alfred Anthony Clark for allegedly prostituting two underage girls on Backpage. The girls are ages 16 and 17 and according to reports Clark promised the 16-year-old ‘nice things’ if she worked for him.

Sadly this is a typical story about Backpage and child sex trafficking but it’s been a while since I’ve posted a story about Backpage. Why is that? Has child sex trafficking on Backpage been curtailed? I doubt it. Backpage has implemented no new measures that I’m aware of and lawmakers have been stifled at every turn in trying to deal with Backpage. So why aren’t we hearing as many of these stories anymore? I think that it’s being under reported in the media. It’s really not surprising that this story came out of Washington State because it seems like anymore they’re the only market whose government and media are still interested in the plight of these kids. Mostly everywhere else it seems like that once Backpage ‘split’ from the Village Voice family of newspapers that the media thought “Well since they’re no longer a black eye against our industry we don’t care anymore.”

Not to mention that it was never front page news to begin with. As I’ve said in the past not enough people are outraged about this for these stories to be truly newsworthy. Outside of a number of anti-human trafficking activists no one really seems to care. As a society were to wrapped up in the latest celebrity or political gossip to give a damn about the multitudes of children that are sold for sex in this country every day.

But it only takes one person to start making a change. I implore you to be that person. Get involved. Tell a friend. Do something to make people more aware that slavery is still going on in our country today disguised as the adult section on Backpage.