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L.A. County may have a serial craigslist rapist

Alhambra police arrest suspect after online meeting turns into alleged sexual assault:

Christian Aceves

Christian Aceves

Police in Alhambra, California, recently arrested 32-year-old Christian Aceves for the alleged rape of a woman that he met on craigslist. The article uses the term ‘sexual assault’ but since he’s being held on $4.3 million bail I’m going to assume it goes way beyond assault.

When she met Aceves, he pulled a sharp instrument and threatened her, Rodriguez said. He drove the woman to a secluded spot in Los Angeles where he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Of course police believe he may have more victims…

Anyone with information was asked to contact Alhambra police Detective huezo at 626-570-5159.

Ladies, if you meet a man through craigslist he is more than likely only after one thing and may use any means to obtain it. Don’t place yourself in a position of peril like that. Be smarter than that. Nice guys don’t use craigslist.