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Craigslist killing in Kansas City

Ali Cubba

Ali Cubba

Yuri Ives met his suspected teenage killer through a Craigslist personal ad:

Don’t let the baby boy looks fool you. According to police in Kansas City, Missouri 17-year-old Ali Cubba is a stone cold killer. Cubba has been arrested for the brutal stabbing and shooting murder of local realtor and community activist Yuri Ives, 48.

It seems that craigslist is living up to its cesspool of crime moniker as Cubba responded to a craigslist personal ad placed by Ives with the intention of robbing him. The robbery went bad and Cubba allegedly stabbed Ives and shot him with his own gun.

Also arrested was 18-year-old Zachary Kimbrell who was the driver in the botched robbery attempt.

Police found Ives’ gun in Cubba’s bedroom and that calls were made from Ives’ cell phone to Cubba.

Both Cubba and Kimbrell have been charged with second degree murder.

Again when you have a website that allows people to communicate with almost total anonymity it’s going to attract criminals from all over the spectrum from con artists to killers.

UPDATE 10/14/12: Cubba has been sentenced to 15 years for 2nd degree murder and 10 years for armed criminal action. Unfortunately the sentences are going to be served concurrently. What a joke.