Conn. woman arrested for drunken breastfeeding

Woman Accused Of Drunken Breast-Feeding:

36-year-old Allanah Earley of Durham, Conn. was arrested for risk of injury to a minor. That minor would be her 3-week-old baby. The risk of injury would be is that she was breastfeeding the baby while 7 sheets to the wind. I know the saying is three sheets but after you get the details you’ll realize why I said 7.

She was at a bar and had her 3-week-old baby with her. She had seven drinks while she was there. Then she wandered out into the cold Connecticut night with her baby. She went to a friends house and had more alcohol. While still intoxicated she breast fed her baby.

When police finally caught up with her she could hardly stand and was combative with officers. She should consider herself lucky that she wasn’t Tasered.

By the time I was 36, which was only 4 short years ago. I had long outgtrown my going out to a bar and getting plastered phase. One time I went out to a bar and a couple of beers and when I got home my daughter said I smelled like beer. I was so freakin’ ashamed. I guess some people refuse to grow up even at the risk of their own children.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.