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Allen Doelitsch gets a real sentence

I originally posted about Allen Doelitsch here and here. Well, those were the important ones anyway.

The then 18-year-old Doelitsch was arrested back in 2008 for threatening an attack against Samuel Champion High School in Boerne, Texas. A high school he didn’t even attend.

He also tried recruiting a 14-year-old student of the school into his plot. The 14-year-old was down with the plot but he told friends who in turn told the school who in turn told the police.

Doelitsch was just another mutant who tried blaming his actions on his depression and said that he wasn’t going to carry out threat.

But recently he manned up and took his medicine by pleading guilty to criminal solicitation of a minor to commit capital murder and theft of a firearm and was sentenced to 25 years behind bars.

It warms my cold black heart to see one of these cretins get a real sentence. There’s been too much probation and coddling for my tastes for these kind of crimes.

Doelitsch released

Teen Accused Of Planning School Shooting Free:

The suspect who was arrested for plotting an attack against Champion High School in Boerne, Texas is now a free man, for now.

A Judge reduced the $500,000 bond on Allen Doelitsch which allowed him to bond out this past Sunday.

Good job judge of letting a depressive would be killer back out into the general public.

Doelitsch blames depression

Teen Accused Of Plotting School Attack Blames Threats On Depression:

18-year-old Allen Doelitsch is blaming the attack he planned on Champion High School in Boerne, Texas on his depression.

“It’s just what I thought about doing at the time,” he said. “I don’t feel like doing it all the time. I never said anything about doing it. I just said I felt like it. I didn’t say I was going to.”

“I don’t have any guns at my house,” he said. “I really don’t want to hurt other people. There’s no point. They didn’t do anything to me, so why would I do anything to them?”

Mom allegedly took him off his meds for fear of future medical problems. Good work there Mom. However it does thrown a wrench into the works of the Luddites who usually blame the drugs for these kinds of crimes.

He also blamed his actions on TV shows about Columbine.

‘I’m down for columbine’

Allen Doelitsch

Allen Doelitsch

“Columbine” Attack Thwarted in Boerne:

Former Student Accused of Planning Columbine-Style Attack:

Police: Boerne Teen Planned ‘Columbine-Style’ School Shooting:

18-year-old Allen Doelitsch of Boerne, Texas was arrested for threatening an attack against Samuel Champion High School.

Police say that Doelitsch sent text messages to a 14-year-old student of Champion High recruiting the 14-year-old into the plot. Here’s a transcript of the text messages.

14-year-old response to Doelitsch: “I’m down for columbine.”

Doelitsch: “That’s my boy,” and “Ya I know I hate my life now I just wana to kill people an Champion high school and then blow my head off.”

14-year-old: “hell ya bro shootout 2009.”

Just when I thought the mutant population was thinning out.

The 14-year-old went and told friends who immediately told school administrators.

Doelitsch was in previous trouble for writing threats in the bathroom at Boerne High School in 2006. Doelitsch graduated from Boerne this past May. Which again I have to say you made it out, why plan to attack a school that you never even went to?

Doelitsch has also been charged with enticing a child and burglary in separate charges. It seems that Doelitsch has a thing for 14-year-old girls and he stole a gun out of someone’s vehicle.

Doelitsch is in jail on a $500,000 bond.