Can a website be blamed for prostitution? If it's Backpage they can.


Last week the Allentown Morning Call posted a four page article about the issues local police have been having with prostitution and Backpage. I’ve seen the article ridiculed online with people saying “You can’t blame a website for prostitution.” They’re wrong, you sure as hell can.

Think about it. Do you think that the people, and I use that term loosely, that run Backpage think that all the ads on the adult section of the site are for legal services? Of course not. Any idiot cab see that the ads are for prostitution. Yet they still collect money from these ads while saying they’re doing all they can to stop sex trafficking. Obviously they’re not doing all they can or they’d stop taking the money.

Our favorite spokesweasel, Liz McDougall, was even quoted for the article… removes or blocks about a million ads per month, notably those that appear to involve minors or sex for money, said Liz McDougall, the site’s general counsel. And it has cooperated with police.

I’d like to see the ads they block since the ones they allow are obviously for sex for money and minors are still being trafficked on their website. Yet they’re still collecting the money. How many of those ads are there for Backpage to collect the millions of dollars they make in profit every year?

So can a website be blamed for prostitution? As long as they’re collecting the money and turning an obviously blind eye to the women and children that are being trafficked on their site then they damn well can be blamed.

Bad Boyfriend beats girl because she was a princess

Man charged with severely beating girl:

In Allentown, Pennsylvania police arrested 24-year-old Brandon Bishop for allegedly beating his fiancée’s 2-year-old daughter. Being a typical nutless macho asshole Bishop is said to have beaten the girl because the girl was too much of a princess and needed to toughen up.

Police say that Bishop admitted to them that he suffocated the girl by holding his hand over her mouth, picked her up by the hair and dropped her on a concrete floor, struck her on the head with a metal spoon and punched her all over her body including her crotch. The girl even had missing clumps of hair when interviewed by authorities.

It seems like the girl’s mother, Candace Watts, was more concerned with having a dick inside her than the welfare of her own child since she allegedly admitted that she knew that Bishop was beating her daughter.

What did this asshole think that 2-year-old girls are supposed to do? They are all princesses. Did he think they’re supposed to kill and a gut a deer or something?

Bishop is trying to claim some kind of multiple personality disorder saying that he becomes another person who beats the girl. No, you’re just an all around pussy who gets off on victimizing children.

Here’s hoping he becomes someone’s princess in prison.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.