Teah Wimberly sentenced

Teah Wimberly sentenced to 25 years:

Teah Wimberly was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the 2008 shooting of classmate Amanda Collette in the halls of Dillard High School in Florida.

Amanda Collete rejected Wimberly’s romantic advances which led to the shooting.

Wimberly’s lawyers used the ‘she had a hard life’ defense.

Wimberly was tried as an adult.

Teah Wimberly convicted in Amanda Collette’s shooting death

Teah Wimberly, 16, convicted of murdering Dillard High classmate:

16-year-old Teah Wimberly was convicted of the shooting death of her Dillard High friend and classmate Amanda Collette in November of 2008.

As I’ve previously posted Wimebrly shot Amanda after being romantically rejected by Amanda. Wimberly’s lawyer tried to use the bad childhood and bipolar defense but the jury didn’t buy it and convicted Wimberly after three hours of deliberation.

Wimberly was charged as an adult and is facing life in prison. No date has been set for sentencing yet.

Dillard shooter to plead insanity

Teen to plead insanity in Dillard High fatal shooting:

The attorney for Teah Wimberly filed a motion this past Thursday that he plans to use an insanity defense for his client.

As you’ll recall Wimberly is accused of shooting and killing Amanda Collette in the halls of Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Allegedly the shooting was because Amanda spurned Wimberly’s romantic advances.

A notice filed Thursday by Wimberly’s lawyer, Larry S. Davis, outlined what the defense contends are several causes of mental illness. They include allegedly being molested by an unnamed family member at age 6, being abandoned several times by her parents and beatings by her parents.

I’m sorry your childhood sucked but Amanda Collette had nothing to do with that and didn’t deserve to be murdered.

Parents of Dillard victim to sue school

Family of slain Dillard student plans lawsuit:

The parents of Amanda Collette intend to sue the Broward County School district because they say that Dillard High failed to prevent the shooting death of her daughter by shooter Teah Wimberly.

They claim that the school did not have the proper security measures in place but they also say that Wimberly had a history of bullying and sexually harassing other Dillard students. If you’ll recall one of the alleged motives in the shooting was that Amanda rebuffed the romantic advances of Wimberly.

If those allegations are true that means that a bully was the shooter. Kind of shatters that whole school shooter stereotype doesn’t it? Not to me but it may to the uninformed.

Dillard shooter to undergo psych eval

Evaluation ordered for teen charged in shooting:

Speaking of Dillard High school shooting suspect Teah Wimberly has been court ordered to undergo a psych eval. However the judge denied a request to have her moved to the bughouse and she’ll remain in jail for now.

She’s also pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

Dillard Shooter charged as adult

Teen to be tried as adult in slaying:

15-year-old Teah Wimberly is being charged as an adult in the shooting death of Dillard High School classmate Amanda Collette. The charge she is now facing is 2nd degree murder.

The state declined to comment why they did not seek first degree murder charges but hinted that it had something to do with the Collete family wishes.

On the second degree murder charge Wimberly is looking at 16 to life.

Attorney for Dillard shooter claims mental illness

Attorney: Mental health issues may have played role in case of teen charged in school shooting:

The defense attorney for Teah Wimberly notified the court today that he may be pursuing a mental health defense in his client’s trial for the shooting death of classmate Amanda Collette.

Attorney Larry S. Davis said that a psych eval indicated mental illness.

She is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday and could face life in prison if convicted for 2nd degree murder.

Teah Wimberly charged as adult

Report Shows Text Messages Before Dillard Murder:

Teah Wimberly has been charged as an adult in the shooting death of classmate Amanda Collete at Dillard High School.

Court documents have revealed the text messages that Wimberly sent to Amanda prior to the shooting.

“Tomorrow I will shoot myself in the heart.”

“I just might get arrested tomorrow.”

“U gon come visit me in jail”

“Ima shoot somebody”

“Ima bust a cap in somebody”

According to the documents Wimbery admitted to the shooting saying that it was because Amanda ended their friendship without reason. However some students say it maybe because Wimberly had romantic feelings for Amanda but the feeling was not mutual.

Again I have to reiterate kids that there is no boy or girl that’s worth killing over while you’re in high school. Now there are two lives ruined.

Dillard High teacher cleared

Dillard Teacher Cleared, Will Return To Class:

The teacher from Dillard High who was thought to have prior knowledge of the gun used to kill Amanda Collette has been cleared by police and has returned to work.

It was thought that a student told the teacher about the gun Teah Wimberly used before she shot Amanda.