Wisc. couple charged with illegal adoption

Couple charged in illegal adoption:

Dateline: Stevens Point, Wisconsin…

Bobbi Jo Dolski, 32, and her husband, Jason A. Dolski, 30, were arrested earlier this month on charges including abduction of another’s child, unauthorized placement of adoption, false statement on a birth certificate and neglecting a child.

Basically what happened is that the Dolskis paid $3000 to 27-year-old Amanda M. Zblewski for her child. The Dolskis claim that they couldn’t afford a legal adoption. Yet apparently they could afford drugs because it was during a drug investigation that police found out about the illegal adoption. But we’re not done there. It seems that Jason Dolski and Ms. Zblewski conned the biological father of the baby into thinking that the baby was being given up for legal adoption so he signed something that he thought he was giving up his parental rights legally.

And it seems that the Dolskis have a history of stunts like this…

The couple has tried twice to get a child before their arrest. Four years ago, the couple was raising a child whose mother was addicted to drugs and later refused to give the child back. The biological mother later got custody.

In 2008, the couple offered $3,000 to a woman to be a surrogate, but she declined.

You know, if you can’t adopt legally or have kids maybe God, Mother Nature or the Universe is trying to tell you something.

Thanks to Catbert Pam for the tip.