The Village Voice attacks CNN's Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon

CNN’s Amber Lyon Ambushed Craigslist — But She Won’t Talk to The Village Voice:

Not satisfied with going after Ashton Kutcher and his crusade against human trafficking The Village Voice has taken to going after CNN reporter Amber Lyon.

For those of you who may not know Amber Lyon has been instrumental in reporting on human trafficking in the United States. She is probably most famous for her ‘ambush’ interview of Craig Newmark, the Craig in craigslist. In the interview she asked Mr. Newmark about the obvious prostitution ads on craigslist to which Mr. Newmark had no answer. A lot of activists say that this was crucial into getting craigslist to shut down their adult/erotic services sections worldwide.

Now in the ultimate case of the pot calling the kettle black The Village Voice has accused Ms. Lyon of bad journalism. That’s funny coming from The Village Voice since their parent company, Village Voice Media, owns The craigslist clone that still has a plethora of ads where children and women are bought and sold into sexual slavery.

Once again The Village Voice claims that this is a First amendment issue which couldn’t be further from the truth. This has always been a money issue as in Village Voice Media is making money hand over fist through the prostitution ads on backpage.

The fact that The Village Voice is supporting backpage’s trafficking ads shows not only that they have zero objectivity but zero credibility as well.

Buckmaster Blogs: Amber’s Ambush II


In his latest blog post craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster responds to CNN’s Amber Lyon’s alleged request for an interview.

He accuses Ms. Lyon of engaging in tabloid journalism by ambushing craigslist founder Craig Newmark with ads for prostitution on the website that bears his name. I say good on her. At least she’s out there doing real reporting instead of just regurgitating whatever the AP posts. This is was journalism is supposed to be like. How else do you expect the media to get any truth out of either one of you when both of you basically only speak through your mouthpiece Susan MacTavish Best.

And again Jimmy B is trying to deflect the true story here which is the fact that child prostitution and human trafficking is still taking place on the website that you run and Craig is the face of.

It seems they’re still not parting with that $30 Million in sex money anytime soon.

Craig Blogs: Amber’s Ambush


In his latest blog post Craigslist founder Craig Newmark finally gets around to making excuses as to why he had no real answer when CNN’s Amber Lyon confronted him about human trafficking on craigslist.

He blames it on the notion that he has borderline Asperger’s Syndrome which is also called borderline Autism in some circles. so basically he’s saying that he’s a borderline-borderline Autistic. That’s a bunch of crap. While he may be socially inept he is far from stupid. Anyone who would have seen the ad that Ms. Lyon presented would have known that it was for prostitution which is still an illegal activity. Any normal person that was running a classifieds site who really didn’t want prostitution on their site would have said something realistic like “My God that’s horrible. I’ll look into it right away”. Instead Craig just asks if the ad has been reported. Um, last time I checked adult services ads could not be flagged. Just checked again, nope, you can’t flag them.

He then goes and claims that he is no longer in charge of craigslist which is true. He mentions that Jim Buckmaster has been in charge for the last 10 years. Which ironically is roughly about the same time that the original erotic services section first appeared on craigslist.

Then he goes on about how he is allegedly sensitive to the plight of those being trafficked but then mentions about how socially conscious he is by supporting veterans, net neutrality and transparency in government. Yet he still does not lift a finger to do anything real about human trafficking like shutting down the adult services section.

Following his blog post is some comments from the cult of craig that basically kiss his ass. I wondered why there were no opposing comments and then I noticed the following…

Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them.

That’s kind of ironic for a number of reasons. The first is that he and Jim won’t moderate craigslist yet they both moderate the comments on their blogs. The second is that for someone who supports net neutrality and transparency in government he’s not very neutral nor transparent on his blog.

However you can comment on this cross post at the SF Gate.