3 children killed by jealous man

Man admits to family murders:

Roberto Aguirre Rojas is a petty, jealous and controlling piece of crap. That’s all there is to it. I mean why else would he shoot and kill his mother-in-law, two step-kids, Mauro, 8, and Silvestre Garza, 6, and his own son, Osiel Rojas, while they slept? According to the article he did it because he was separated from his wife, Amelia Rojas, and that she was going to college against his wishes. God forbid a woman should want to improve herself. It probably didn’t help either that Rojas drinks himself to sleep.

And don’t worry, he shot his wife too. He not only shot her but he also beat her with the butt of his rifle. She survived and has recently come out of her coma.

So one man lost his wife, another man lost his two kids, and Amelia Rojas lost three of hers. All because one little man can’t handle rejection or an woman trying to be independent. Rot in hell scumbag.

Since he committed this atrocious act in Texas hopefully he won’t be on the taxpayer dole for too long.

Thanks to JoAnna for the tip.