Fox to cancel America’s Most Wanted

I don’t have to explain to you what America’s Most Wanted is if you’re reading this site. It’s been announced recently That the Fox Network is cancelling AMW.

Even though AMW kills the competition in its time slot Fox is saying that the show is no longer ‘profitable.’ In it’s place they plan on showing repeats of some of their other shows.

Fox says they’ll still have 4 AMW specials per year.

Who gives a crap about profitable? AMW is basically a public service show. It has done a world of good and has help bring in some of the most violent criminals in the past 23 years. But Fox is going to air repeats of whatever crap Seth McFarlane is cranking out these days.

I don’t expect any TV network to have integrity. I thought that when it came to AMW they might have thought different.

AMW fugitive Benjamin Pingle

Stone Family’s Legacy Etched In Castle Rock:

I saw this story on America’s Most Wanted over the weekend. Not only is Benjamin Pingle a parent behaving badly but he’s also a grandson behaving badly.

In 2005 Benjamin Pingle of Castle Rock, Washington welcomed twin baby girls into the world, Liberty and Justice. Pingle was convicted in the beating death of Liberty and child abuse on Justice. Liberty died at just 12 weeks old. He was sentenced to 10 years behind bars. The judge said that Pingle could be released on $250K bond while the conviction was being appealed. It’s nice how killers get better treatment than their victims. Pingle’s grandfather, Cordell Stone, had complete faith and trust in Pingle so he put up his own home and several other properties he owned so Pingle could post Bond. That trust was mislaid as Pingle took off May of this year and left Mr. Stone holding the bill.

I’m going to paraphrase John Walsh here and echo his sentiments by saying that I hope this baby killer is brought to justice. He doesn’t deserve to have a grandfather like Mr. Stone.

Giovanni Gonzalez will be featured on AMW


‘Most Wanted’ joins Giovanni search:

Giovanni Gonzalez will be featured on this week’s episode of America’s Most Wanted during their missing person’s segment.

“We had a huge amount of people to choose from. This one was a no-brainer. We have a missing child. We need information,” said Most Wanted correspondent Jon Leiberman Wednesday.

Hopefully this will help in bringing him home.

AMW on Giovanni Gonzalez


As much as I’ve been complaining that the national media has not been paying any attention to the Giovanni Gonzalez story I received an e-mail today that restored my faith in humanity. The one national media outlet that is actually doing what it can for Giovanni is America’s Most Wanted. They have an extensive profile of the situation on their website.

Every week myself and a lot of other crime bloggers receive an e-mail letting us know what’s on AMW that week. Hopefully they’ll have Giovanni’s story featured on this week’s episode.