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Complainers and Cowards

Amnesty International criticizes U.S. handling of terror suspects:

Amnesty Int’l has got their panties in a wad over the interrogation of the recent high-profile terror suspects. AI says that the interrogation techniques use by US forces amounts to torture. You’re breakin’ my heart. Does Amnesty International not remember the 3000+ people killed needlessly on Sept. 11th? They’re also worried about the deaths of detainees at the US Naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. All I can say about that is…”whoops”. No big loss. Why aren’t they in Iraq protesting Saddam Hussein’s treatment of people in his own country. We never hear about that. You know ever since apartheid was abolished in South Africa Amnesty Int’l has been really reaching for causes.

Brothers in Army Take Different Views on War With Iraq:

So let me get this straight. One brother joins the Army and goes off to Kuwait getting ready to possibly go to war. The other joins the Army, voluntarily, and then becomes a “conscientious objectors”. Translation: he’s a puss that doesn’t want to fight.

A quote from the article…

“It was the Clinton administration, the economy was strong and war didn’t seem to be on the horizon,” Travis said. “Not once did any of the recruiters I spoke with mention war, enemy, shooting or death.”

What the hell did he think the army does? Have campfires and weenie roasts singing Kumbaya or however the hell you spell that? The military was designed for one purpose to defend the United States by force. If you didn’t want to fight you shouldn’t have wasted our country’s time.