Charles Smith pleads guilty to ultimate abuse

Boyfriend pleads guilty to abusing little girl:

Smith admits guilt in Kyra Wine abuse case:

Last June 29-year-old Charles Smith of Benewah County Idaho was arrested for abusing his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter, Kyra Wine.

But it wasn’t just any abuse. The abuse was so bad that Kyra had dead flesh on her arms and legs. When police first got there she was slipping in and out of consciousness with bruises and blood covering her body.. At that time doctors only gave her a 50% chance of survival. She eventually had to have her feet amputated because her injuries were so bad. Luckily she survived and is now in the care of her grandmother who says that Kyra has adapted well to her prosthetics.

Getting back to Charles Smith, on Friday he pleaded guilty to felony child abuse. No word yet on what kind of sentence that carries but Smith is set to be sentenced in March.

The thing is that Kyra’s birth organism, Christina Haynes, allowed this abuse to go on. She tried to plead guilty but the plea was not accepted pending the outcome of a mental health exam.

Screw that, let her plead guilty. Crazy or not she allowed this to happen to her own daughter and needs to be put away one way or the other.

Thanks to Jill for the tip.