The Dawson College Massacre game


‘Despicable’ game based on Dawson College shooting:

As with Columbine and Virginia Tech, some tasteless soul took it upon themselves to make a game based on the Dawson College shootings that took place 4 years ago in Montreal. The game was called Dawson College Massacre and was hosted on the bastion of good taste Newgrounds. Which in my opinion is 4chan for flash gamers.

The game was developed by a Newgrounds user who calls himself Virtualman. The goal of the game is to storm Dawson College as Kimveer Gill and kill as many people as possible. I don’t doubt that this Virtualman is a mutant based on his statements to the Canadian press…

“I am not quite sure why I made it, I have been studying these school shooters a long time now and I just see how people want to just push the whole subject under the rug,” he writes.

“I don’t want to say I am 100% sympathetic with killers like this because obviously what they’ve done is pretty sick. But you can most DEFINITELY see the path they took which lead them to commit such a crime.”

The reason people want to push the subject under the rug is in order to keep it from happening again in the future. And if you can tell me what drove Kimveer Gill to storm Dawson college and kill Anastasia De Sousa and injuring others please tell me because as far as I can tell Gill was just a basement dwelling loser who had no trauma in his life that caused him to snap.

Virtualman did at least have the decency to pull the game off of Newgrounds after he found out that Anastasia De Sousa’s family was offended by the game. However, this is the internet and once posted nothing ever goes away.

I’m all for free speech even in this ‘nothing is sacred’ era and even though I believe that Virtualman had every right to post his game and no law in Canada or the U.S. could make him take it down it just amazes me that how much human decency some people lack. Games like this and SCMRPG remind me of games I heard about back in the 80s that were traded on the underground. In one such game, you played a Nazi soldier who would round up Jews to send them to the oven then use their gold fillings as in-game currency. I hate to Godwin this post but yeah, games like this that glorify school shootings are really just as bad.

Kimveer Gill fan page on Facebook

Kimveer Gill fan club pulled from Facebook:

It seems that either the Kimveer Gill mutants, who I will now refer to as gill-men, or some asshole who wanted to stir up some shit has been busy on Facebook.

Briefly on Facebook the other day the Kimveer Gill Fan Club page popped up. It was listed as “The place to be if you think Kimveer Gill was a hero.”

For those of you who may not remember who Kimveer Gill was he was a 25-year-old loser from Montreal who not only lived with his parents but opened fire at Dawson College in Montreal wounding 19 and killing Dawson student Anastasia De Souza before taking the coward’s way out himself. Gill did not even attend Dawson and had staked out other schools as well.

In the interest of transparency Gill even commented on this site. I banned him from the site long before his attack.

Anyway the Facebook fan page had 86 members at the time it was shutdown so even if it was just some jackhole who started it I’m sure there were some gill-men among its membership.

I have yet to find any credible reports on whether or not Facebook pulled the page or if it was pulled by its originator.

A lot of people tend not to believe me when I say there are ‘fans’ and ‘worshipers’ of school shootiers yet here we are.  I get the feeling this will just be the first of many of these types of groups on Facebook if there aren’t more already.

Coroner’s report on Kimveer Gill

Dawson shooter in ‘fragile’ mental state before getting gun licence:

Quebec coroner Dr. Jacques Ramsay released his report on Kimveer Gill, the gunman behind the Dawson College shooting and the death of 18-year-old Anastasia de Sousa.

Basically what it comes down to is that Kimveer Gill’s mental state came from excessive drinking. The drinking caused depression and suicidal thoughts. Gill did seek treatment but with a doctor’s blessing he stopped taking his meds. The doctor recommended rehab for Gill but he never went.

Doctor Ramsay also stated the obvious by saying was socially inhibited and had low self-esteem.

So to sum it up Gill was an alcoholic, socially inept, loser. And a coward.

More Dawson evidence released

Police seized apology note from Dawson shooter’s bedroom:

Or as I like to call it, more proof that Kimveer Gill was the ultimate loser.

Montreal police seized a simple note of apology, the address of Villa Maria high school and five boxes containing 242 bullets from Kimveer Gill’s bedroom hours after he shot one student dead and injured 20 other people at Dawson College last September.

“Sorry Mom and rest of family…” read the note, dated Sept. 13 at 2:22 a.m. and written on note paper.

Investigators also found a handwritten note in which Gill praises Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two students who shot and killed 12 classmates and a teacher at Colorado’s Columbine High School in April, 1990, before killing themselves.

Police also found 174 horror films on DVD and a disc entitled, “Shooting sprees ain’t no fun without Ozzy and friends LOL” in the CD player.

Just a loser living in mommy’s basement who thought he was a tough guy.

Gill scouted other schools

Dawson College killer scouted other schools:

According to Canadian officials Kimveer Gill scouted other schools before picking Dawson College for his rampage. According to the article Gill had scouted 3 other schools. Those schools being Universite de Montreal, Vanier College and a Laval high school. It’s unknown why he settled on Dawson.

Police recovered a notepad from his car that contained hand-drawn sketches of routes leading to all four schools, Cmdr. Richard Dupuis said.

On the page with directions to the Universite de Montreal, Mr. Gill had scribbled the words “too big.”

“There are indications he may have considered other schools,” Cmdr. Dupuis said. “Did he go inside (them)? We don’t know. They were rough plans he had designed, but nothing too detailed. Just what roads to take to get there.”

It has been known that Gill did enter Dawson College weeks prior to his assault. So it’s a not a stretch that Gill probably did enter the other schools.

Blame only one

Kimveer Gill — perhaps he was just evil:

Kimveer Gill is not society’s victim:

The first article is from a right-wing Canadian website. Wait, there are right-wingers in Canada? Just kidding Canucks. And the second article is from Kimveer Gill’s high school English teacher. Both articles are along the same lines.

First from the right-wing article. While I don’t agree necessarily with how they got their point across I do agree with their point…

More importantly, Kimveer Gill will never be blamed for the actions of Kimveer Gill. The notion that Gill was just an evil man and that he and not the gun registry, violent video games and the Goth culture were responsible for the carnage will be rejected by the masses as being too simplistic; too George Bush-like. In a society where many people can’t recognize the evil of Islamofascism, it is too much to expect people to recognize the evil of what was once Kimveer Gill.

In the end, all that was responsible for the actions of Kimveer Gill was Kimveer Gill.

And now the article from Gill’s teacher, one Ms. Freda Lewkowicz…

But the litany of blame omitted someone, and there’s only one person who should be blamed for Kimveer Gill’s school rampage on Sept. 14.

Only one angel of death can dance on the head of this pin of sorrow and that is Kimveer Gill.

He is responsible for shooting 20 students and killing 18-year-old Anastasia De Sousa. He should not be permitted to become a victim.

It’s great to see that some people still actually believe in personal responsibility.

Forces of evil in a bozo nightmare

Gun control won’t protect us from the losers:

This is actually an article about Canadian gun control but I couldn’t resist these quotes…

Here he is again, the loser with a grudge and a gun slithering up from the basement of a middle-class home where he fermented his immaturity, anger and resentments to full and deadly potency “interacting” with like creatures on the Internet.

His mom says he was “a good son.”

The neighbours’ comments — the banality of this would be screamingly funny were it not for the horror of the event — amount to this: He was quiet and kept to himself.

Aren’t they always.

His resentment and anger are perfectly understandable.

He’s a loser and losers spend their lives being angry and resentful.

It’s one of the reasons they’re losers. Life is something that happens to them. They aren’t something that happens to life.

They aren’t achievers.

Worst of all, he knows he’s a loser, but failing the courage or will to do something about it and actually change, he decides to write his name in the pages of our times with gunfire, and paint a final statement with the innocent blood of students — young people working toward successful futures.

His victims are everything he is not.

The ultimate proof he’s a loser: His final statement, his final moments in life are desperately unoriginal. Just another loser in a long list of losers. The perpetrators of Columbine and Taber and all the others.

He was 25 years old.

Who among us is still so much an angry adolescent at 25?

He’s a loser baby, and somebody killed him.

Don’t be a loser.

Kimveer Gill’s former classmates speak

A killer’s dark mind:

Kimveer Gill’s high school classmates paint a different picture of him than the one we know…

Former high school classmates described him as normal — “nothing out of the ordinary, just a regular high school kid,” said Anthony Proce, who, like Gill, graduated from Rosemere High School in 1998.

Friends said he never dated in high school.

Mr. Proce and others said, far from the impression the six-foot tall Gill left on his Web site, he wasn’t the victim of bullying.

“He wasn’t a guy that got picked on, not at all — who picks on a tall, big guy who could kick your ass if you picked on him?” said Dennis Pavia, another classmate who now plays drums for heavy metal band Diecast.

“He didn’t dress like a rapper or a Goth or anything like that, more like jeans, T-shirts and sneakers,” said Mr. Pavia, who said he usually saw Gill every day at school but wasn’t close to him. “I remember Kimveer just being a friendly guy, always smiling. However he came to do something like [the shootings at Dawson] I wouldn’t say is because of high school.”

Alex Hullar, another former classmate, said he was shocked when he heard Gill’s name on the radio yesterday.

“He was a pretty calm, relaxed guy,” he remembered. “He had at least eight close friends and they always hung around together in high school. They were all very good students, very good grades.”

He said Gill dressed normally, “never a trench coat and all that kind of stuff. I don’t know where that came about.”

He said he had not been in touch with Gill since graduation.”It’s going to be one hell of a high school reunion, I can imagine,” he added.

Gill left few other marks. His graduation yearbook had a blank entry beside his photo.

So he wasn’t bullied in high school. If he was bullied after that it’s because he allowed it to happen. How many more nails in the coffin does the bullying myth need?

Thanks to CC for the link.

A view inside Gill’s mind

Blogs reveal a deteriorating mind, police say:

This article states that not only did Kimveer Gill keep a written journal but he also scouted Dawson College prior to the shooting. But first, let me get this out of the way…

But his online musings do not refer specifically to Dawson or his violent plans. However, he repeatedly emphasized that people planning a crime would be stupid to outline their agenda on the Internet.

The comments, made on a Livejournal site called The Trenchcoat over a number of months, included references to various school shootings in the United States and caused him to be banned from writing on the site.

In one, he defends the young people who were charged after a school shooting plot in Riverton, Kan.

“They wern’t [sic] going to do it for real,” Gill wrote. “They’re just kids having a little fun. If they were really going to do this, they would not be posting messages on MySpace and telling people in their school about it.”

You can see what they’re talking about here. I do crosspost at LiveJournal but all comments are only on this site. Now back to the matter at hand…

Kimveer Gill did not restrict his violent thoughts to the blog he kept on He posted disturbing comments on other Web sites and allegedly jotted them down in a diary, where the entries indicate his mind was deteriorating.

Police investigators found the journal either at the scene of the shooting at Dawson College on Wednesday or while executing a search warrant at his parent’s home in the Fabreville district of Laval.

“From what he wrote, you could tell that he basically hated humanity as a whole. He hated everybody. He hated black people, white people, rich people. He hated everybody,” a police source said.

“It was very obvious his state of mind was deteriorating greatly over the last three weeks.”

But the documents reportedly offer no indication as to why Gill chose to carry out a shooting rampage at Dawson College, killing 18-year-old student Anastasia DeSousa and wounding several other victims.

TVA reported last night that security cameras on the nearby Alexis Nihon Plaza captured Gill scouting out the scene of his attack on Aug. 10, a month before his rampage. Police are viewing the tapes.

So it seems that he did not “snap” like so many people are saying. When someone snaps the reaction is immediate. Gill was nothing more than a cold-blooded, calculating killer.

Police confirm that Kimveer Gill took the coward’s way out

Police confirm gunman took his own life after being shot in the arm:

I’m not surprised…

MONTREAL — Kimveer Gill’s lethal rampage at Dawson College ended when he shot himself, provincial police confirmed Thursday.

A preliminary autopsy indicates Gill, 25, was wounded in the arm, “likely by a police bullet,” but then shot himself to death, said Const. Chantal Mackels.

Investigators have turned up no links between Gill, who was unemployed, and the school.

“To my knowledge he was not a student (at Dawson) and had not been in the past. We don’t know yet why he did this at Dawson. That has to be answered,” said Lieut. Francois Dore of the Quebec provincial police, which is handling only the part of the investigation that involves Gill’s death. (By law, a police force in Quebec is not permitted to investigate a fatality that has occurred during one of its own operations.)

Gill had no criminal record and had never been found to have a mental health problem, police say.

A coward and a loser until the end.