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Another pair of craigslist creepers caught in the Electric City

Gardner and Hewitt

Gardner and Hewitt

Anderson police arrest two Upstate men accused of using Craigslist to solicit minors:

In Anderson, South Carolina, aka The Electric City, police have arrested two men on unrelated cases of allegedly soliciting kids for sex through craigslist. Police there arrested 44-year-old Rodney Wayne Gardner and 45-year-old Brian Lee Hewitt. If only they had arrested a guy with the middle name of Ray they would have had a perfect score on the middle names of doom.

Both have been charged with soliciting sex from a minor on craigslist which actually turned out to be investigators from the state’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. While I applaud the efforts of the Anderson police and the state’s ICAC both of these creepy ass bastards are out on bond. Whatever happened to Southern judges who didn’t put up with this kind of crap?

I have previously posted about the Anderson police busting a craigslist creeper when they arrested Joshua Paul Collins.

One of the investigators in the article states that craigslist isn’t the most popular site for pedophiles looking for victims. He says that it’s just one of many sites. I have to disagree. Ever since the collapse of MySpace I think that craigslist has become the defacto place for pedophiles to find new victims. Even Facebook doesn’t have this many problems with predators. All the more reason that craigslist needs to monitor their site.

South Carolina craigslist creeper caught by cops

Joshua Paul Collins

Joshua Paul Collins

Police: Man solicited sex with child on Craigslist:

Central man arrested by Anderson police on predator charge:

Tonight we go The Electric City of Anderson, South Carolina. If only they had The Electric Chair there.

Anyway police in Anderson recently arrested 21-year-old Joshua Paul Collins for allegedly trying to solicit a child for sex on craigslist. Or as I call it here, looking to rape a child through craigslist.

Not a lot of detail on this but reports state that Collins posted an ad on craigslist that was responded to by a Anderson police officer with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force posing as a child. As usual in these stories Collins was arrested when he arrived at the ‘meeting place.

He’s being held on $100K bond and is looking at 20 years.

I wonder if this site would go longer before I post a story about a craigslist predator or a Backpage slave trader. Place your bets people.

Guy with child molester facial hair arrested for trying to be a child molester on craigslist

Richard Adam Burch

Richard Adam Burch

I mean seriously, look at it.

Lyman Man Arrested, Charged For Soliciting Minor On Popular Website:

30-year-old Richard Adam Burch of Lyman, South Carolina was arrested by police in Anderson, South Carolina for allegedly soliciting a minor for sex on craigslist. Since you’re reading this here you probably guessed that the minor he was communicating with was actually a member of the South Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. With a beard that looks like a woman’s pubic area I’m not surprised that he’s an ‘alleged’ creeper.

Once more craigslist is getting a pass in the national media for being the new go to spot on the web for child molesters. They think that since they shut down the erotic services section that all is well on the pages of craigslist. As I’ve noted that is far from the case.