Mass. craigslist creeper denied bond

Man held without bail on enticing charges:

49-year-old Andrew Whittaker of Norwell, Massachusetts, was denied bond for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old boy that he met through craigslist. Whittaker was arrested in early October in Andover after police set up a meeting with him through the victim.

Whittaker is trying the ‘he said he was 18’ defense. While the boy did pose as 18 on craigslist I think Whittaker is barking up the wrong tree. According to police he pulled some pretty standard grooming moves…

Andover police Detective Kevin Aufiero said the boy “was having issues identifying his sexuality” and also was bothered by not having the “expensive electronics, such as laptops and cellphones,” that many of his peers had.

Whittaker bought the boy a smartphone when they met, then took him to a local video game store to buy him a game, the detective said. They next went to La Quinta hotel in Andover for a sexual encounter, he said.

Creepers love to prey on boys who are sexually confused. If I had a nickel for every victim that I posted about that was sexually confused then I’d have a lot of nickels. Plus he bought the kid a video game. Now I’m not saying Whittaker is gay or even typical of gay male behavior but do gay men in their 40s buy their much younger but legal lovers video games? Not the ones that I know but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. To me it just smacks of stereotypical grooming.

Check out what Whittaker’s lawyer had to say before his client was ordered held without bond…

Whittaker “has no prior convictions. There is no evidence that this is somebody who’s going online, looking at child pornography sites,” she said. “This is a man who went to a man’s site. He went to Craigslist, 18 and over, adult website, and the complaining witness posed as an adult.”

No prior convictions or prior arrests just means to me that this was his first time getting caught. His lawyer is basically arguing that you’re supposed to believe everything you see on the internet is true.