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More grandstanding from Andrew Cuomo

N.Y. attorney general tackles child porn on social networks:

It seems that New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is up to his grandstanding tricks again.

In a move that I’m sure has nothing to do with his campaign for governor Mr. Cuomo wants to create a database of 8,000 child porn images for social networking sites to use to keep the images off their servers.  While Cuomo may catch a few fish in his nets this really does nothing about sexual predators on social networking sites. First off the larger sites like MySpace and Facebook do a great job of keeping child porn off their site as much as they can. Secondly this does little to nothing to protect children from child predators on social networking sites.

 Most of the child porn that takes place on Myspace and Facebook are the pictures that pedophiles get from their groomed victims. For the most part those pictures will not be on Cuomo’s magical database.

If I was a resident of the Empire State the only way Mr. Cuomo would even remotely get my vote would for him to introduce legislation that would make more prison time for sexual predators.

Cuomo sues Tagged.com over child porn

New York AG Suing Social Network Tagged.com for Child Porn:

It seems that New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is good for something. He is suing the social networking site Tagged.com claiming that Tagged did not respond to user complaints about child porn on the site.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tagged it’s like MySpace except it has even more fake hot women spamming you that you’ll never actually meet. It’s even more ghetto/trailer than MySpace.

The attorney general had employees create accounts on Tagged and report child-porn images. Some of what they found included a bestiality-themed image involving a girl who looks younger than 10 and a picture of an adult performing oral sex on a girl younger than 10, according to the letter.

Of the 29 user profiles that included abusive sexual images of children, 18 still have the content online, the AG said. That includes the bestiality and oral sex images that were reported to Tagged.com on May 27, according to the AG.

Which shows that even a blind squirrel can occasionally find a nut.

But again this has nothing to do with the protection of our children but has more to do with Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaign.

If I was Tagged I would check to make sure that the alleged child porn images were posted by Tagged users and not by members of Cuomo’s staff.

Craigslist to stop sale of Shakespeare tickets, sales of women and kids still ok


Craigslist Stops Selling Public Theater’s Free Tickets:

Isn’t this so community minded of craigslist? They’re working with the Public Theater in New York City to make sure that no tickets to Shakespeare In The Park are sold on their website. The tickets are supposed to be free but they are limited.

After the Attorney General’s Office notified Craigslist of the problem, Craigslist voluntarily agreed to take down existing ads and work with the Public Theater to remove any future ads selling tickets that are meant to be free.

So let me get this straight. Craigslist is willing to review their site for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park after being contacted by the AG’s office yet they claim they can’t do anything about the prostitution and human trafficking on their site? Are you kidding me?

Nice priorities you have there craigslist. Or is this just throwing a bone to New York Attorney General, and gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Cuomo?

3500+ NY sex offenders kicked off of Myspace and Facebook

More than 3,500 sex fiends from Facebook, MySpace get boot in crackdown of Internet predators:

Those wacky attorneys general are at it again. This time it’s Mr. Late to The Party New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. As far as my recollection goes he was the last Attorney General to jump on the MySpace and Facebbok is bad bandwagon and needs to be legislated instead of telling parents to do their damn job.

In his latest publicity bid probably to get re-elected Cuomo got MySpace and Facebook to remove over 3500 registered sex offenders from their user base.

Under Cuomo’s Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act (e-STOP) Law registered sex offenders are supposed to give their e-mail addresses and social site information to the NY State Government. Like that has stooped registered sex offenders in the past in other states. That was sarcasm. It hasn’t. 

Just like every other AG who has done this he hasn’t said what he’s going to do to keep unregistered sex offenders off these sites or tell parents to do a better job. Of course he wouldn’t say that to parents because they’re what you call voters and if you want to get re-elected you don’t actually educate the voters.

Major NY craigslist prostitution bust

7 Arrested In NYC Craigslist Prostitution Ring:

Craigslist faces prostitution controversy in NY:

I’m actually not a fan of all parties involved but more on that later.

Anyway New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced the bust of a major prostitution ring that operated on craigslist. 45-year-old Scott Sal Rosenberg and 31-year-old Josef Davenport, plus 5 others, have been indicted for running an escort service known as Room Service Entertainment which New York officials say is nothing more than a prostitution ring.

The operation ran from June 2007 through December 2008, servicing the New York City region, though it initially began with ads in the Village Voice and other New York City periodicals.

According to the AG’s office in did the majority of its business on craigslist.

In craigslist’s defense Jim Buckmaster contends that the operation took place prior to the recent changes of craigslist’s erotic services.

First off in my opinion Andrew Cuomo is nothing more than an opportunist. He’s jumping on the bash craigslist bandwagon after several other AGs have made the news recently because of craigslist. Once again Cuomo is late to the party just like he was when MySpace was the favorite target of AGs. If the operation ceased in 2008 why did it take almost 6 months to make the indictments? The timing is awfully suspicious.

Now on to Mr. Buckmaster as usual. An escort service was busted in this operation. This is the kind of ‘legitimate business’ that is supposed to be advertising now in the adult services section of craigslist. Also this bust shows that law enforcement is also targeting other avenues of prostitution advertisements to make their busts.

Facebook caves

Facebook settles New York child safety probe:

Not too long ago I posted about New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo setting his sights on Facebook because of pervs approaching his office’s fake underage Facebook profile.

Well, Facebook has caved in to him…

The settlement involves no financial penalties.

Under the terms of the settlement, Facebook has agreed to begin addressing any complaint within 24 hours of being told of inappropriate content — involving such things as nudity, profanity or harassment — by a user or e-mail correspondent.

The company will tell the complaining party the steps it has taken within 72 hours when the complaint has been submitted via an independent e-mail.

In addition, the Palo Alto, California-based company has agreed to allow an independent examiner to oversee how Facebook handles such complaints. The attorney general will have a say in who gets hired as examiner. The examiner will report to the New York attorney general every six months over a two-year period on Facebook’s compliance.

If I was Facebook I would have told them to shove it. The amount of crime that happens on Facebook compared to MySpace is almost negligible.

Oh and look, our friend AG Roy Cooper from North Carolina has to sick his two cents in…

“This agreement is another step toward protecting children on social networking sites but we still have a long way to go,” North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said in a separate statement. “Our group of attorneys general will keep pushing MySpace, Facebook and other sites to do more.”

Yet Cuomo and Cooper aren’t pushing parents to do more because as I’ve said parents vote and the AG’s don’t want to risk not being re-elected.

New York AG targets Facebook

NY’s Cuomo subpoenas Facebook after company fails to respond:

First it was Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal. Then it was North Carolina’s Roy Cooper. Now add New York’s Andrew Cuomo to the list of state attorneys general who just don’t get it. (Is there any politician from New York that’s not named Cuomo?) Anyway, Mr. Cuomo has subpoenaed Facebook because Facebook did not respond to New York’s complaints that undercover investigators posing as teens were approached for sex.

Investigators set up profiles as teens and say they were quickly contacted by other Facebook users with comments such as (quote) “u look too hot……. can i c u online,” and (quote) “call me if u want to do sex with me.”

While entrapment accusations are thrown around willy nilly these days I still have to wonder what the fake undercover Facebook profiles looked like. Was just a class picture type photo or was it something more provocative?

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo says he is concerned that Facebook’s promise of a safe Web site for children is not consistent with its performance.

As someone who chronicles crimes related to social networking sites let me give you my opinion on something. This site used to be called MyCrimeSpace for a reason. It’s because most of the crimes happening on social networking sites occur on MySpace. Very few of those crimes actually happen on Facebook.

This sounds like Mr. Cuomo is trying to get a lot a press for doing nothing at all.