Jonesboro shooter released from prison last year

Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson

After Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden committed the school shooting at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, Arkansas, that left five dead they were only sentenced to be held until their 21st birthdays. Back in 1998 Arkansas had no law where juveniles could be charged as adults. Golden was released in 2007 and is said to be living under the name of Drew Douglas Grant and has remained largely quiet since his release. Johnson was released in 2005 however it took him less than two years to be arrested on drugs and weapon charges.While awaiting trial on those charges Johnson was arrested again on theft charges. After it was all said and done Johnson was sentenced in 2008 to four years in federal prison for the drugs and weapon charge and another 18 on the state theft charges. So you’s think he’d be in prison until 2030 right? Wrong.

ABC News just released an article entitled “The Only Two Living US Mass School Shooters Who Are Not Incarcerated”. I thought to myself that surely they must have overlooked that Johnson was still in jail on charges unrelated to the school shooting. I was wrong…

Johnson was sentenced to 12 years after being convicted in that 2008 incident and was to be eligible for parole in 2011, but then faced four more years for the earlier drug and weapons conviction from the traffic stop, the AP reported. Schisler confirmed the account. Court records show he was released in July 2015 into the custody of the U.S. Probation Office for the Southern District of Texas and placed in a drug rehabilitation program. The office did not respond to ABC News’ multiple requests for comment.

So yeah, he’s out, on parole but still out. I wonder how long it will be this time before he ends up back in jail again. I just hope that he doesn’t end up hurting someone to get there.

Golden/Grant could be charged

Police look into charging Golden:

The other day I posted about how Andrew Golden/Drew Douglas Grant was denied a conceal and carry permit. Now investigators are looking into if any criminal charges could be filed. However the only charges that could be filed would be misdemeanors.

It’s also interesting to note that juvenile convictions that are expunged in any other case can apply to a denial of a conceal and carry permit.

As previously mentioned Golden/Grant lied on his application about various addresses he lived at and his fingerprints also identified him as one of the Jonesboro shooters.

Jonesboro shooter denied permit

Westside killer seeks handgun permit:

Drew Douglas Grant of Evening Shade, Arkansas had applied for a conceal and carry permit but was denied by Arkansas State Police. So why is this newsworthy? It turns out that Drew Douglas Grant is the new legal name of the former Andrew Golden. The same Andrew Golden who participated in the Jonesboro massacre.

What made him think that request would be approved? I have a gut feeling that he wanted to conceal and carry for his own protection but he had to know that request would never be approved. At least he seems to be taking the legal route rather than just going out and carrying a gun like his cohort Mitchell Johnson.

The problem now becomes that Golden/Grant’s new identity has been made public which could lead to harassment or even worse vigilantism. Which I would imagine would be his reason for wanting the permit.

While I believe that Golden/Grant should at least be in prison for life for what he and Johnson did this may just be a case of someone who has actually been rehabilitated. But again in my opinion rehabilitation is the exception and not the rule.

Golden’s deposition to remain sealed for now

Judge: Keep data secret on gunman:

A judge has ruled that information pertaining to Andrew Golden’s deposition will remain secret until the civil trial has come to an end.

Golden was one of the Jonesboro gunman and is named as a defendant in a wrongful death suit.

Since his release from prison Golden has stayed out of the public eye unlike his cohort Mitchell Johnson. Golden has since changed his name and attends school.

A lawyer has argued that Golden’s information should be made public so people could be informed if a mass murderer is living in their neighborhood.

While I think that both Johnson and Golden should be serving at least a life sentence for those that killed at Jonesboro the law it was it is and it seems that Golden has made the best of his second chance.

Granted that his victims don’t have the luxury of a second chance but if you chase him down with ‘pitchforks and torches’ then don’t the villagers become the monster?

Andrew Golden deposition rescheduled

Andrew Golden Deposition Temporarily Blocked:

The attorney for the Jonesboro shooter that hasn’t been rearrested, yet, Andrew Golden, is filing a petition to keep a deposition private. The deposition is for a wrongful death suit stemming from the Jonesboro shooting.

Apparently Golden is trying to keep a low profile. He seems to be learning from Mitchell Johnson’s mistakes.

Andrew Golden found

Attorney Finds Andrew Golden, One Of Jonesboro School Shooters:

Andrew Golden, the other Jonesboro gunman, has been tracked down by a lawyer representing the victims’ families.

The article doesn’t say where Johnson was but that he was found and subpoenaed in the lawsuit against him and Mitchell Johnson.

If you’ll recall Mitchell Johnson gave his deposition prior to his recent troubles with the law. In that deposition he laid the blame entirely on Golden.

No safety for Golden

Sheriff Cannot Guarantee Jonesboro Shooter Andrew Golden’s Safety:

The Sheriff who represents the same county where Jonesboro shooter Andre Golden used to live says he can’t guarantee Golden’s safety if he returns to Arkansas.

Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann said hostility toward Golden and accomplice Mitchell Johnson still remains nine years after they opened fire on those fleeing Jonesboro Westside Middle School during a fake fire drill. The shootings were on people’s minds again Friday, as Golden turned 21 and likely left federal custody a free man for the first time.

“It’s a concern because there’s still a lot of hostility towards him and Mitchell Johnson,” said McCann, who was the county’s chief deputy in 1998. “I really don’t think any of the family members would do something to them; I think somebody out here would want to do something for the notoriety.”

Did the sheriff just serve a warning or declare open season?

Other Jonesboro shooter set to be released

Jonesboro shooter Andrew Golden likely to be released Friday:

Andrew Golden is one of the gunmen from the Jonesboro school shooting. Today is his 21st birthday meaning that more than likely he will be released from jail today. At the time of their conviction there was a loophole in Arkansas state law that prevented Golden and cohort Mitchell Johnson from being kept behind bars longer than they’re 21st birthday. Johnson was released 2 years ago. Now it’s Golden’s turn. He’ll be out on the streets with a clean slate and no probation.

It only took Johnson 18 months to get in trouble with the law again. I wonder how long it will take before Golden has his next run in with the law.

Victim's family reacts to Jonesboro shooter

Victim’s family reacts to Mitchell Johnson tape:

Shannon Wright was the teacher who was killed at the Jonesboro massacre. Her husband, Mitch Wright, had the following reaction to the taped deposition of released gunman Mitchel Johnson.

“If he would just come clean and say yes i shot these people because i wanted to do this, versus just getting on there and saying i didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” he said.

“He looks at his self as being a victim to this day he will not take any responsibility for what he did.”

“Have they been rehabilitated?…have they changed? i think the community would like to know…from what i’ve seen and read…I don’t believe so,” said Wright.

Take responsibility? That will be the day. School killers who survive and are convicted never take responsibility. In their warped world they’re the victims. Never mind the fact that Johnson and co-coward Andrew Golden killed 5 people and injured another 10.

Speaking of Golden, he’s set to be released in less than two weeks on the 25th thanks to a now closed loophole in Arkansas law that at the time of their convictions that said they could only be held until their 21st birthdays.

And people wonder why I have no qualms about teen murderers being tried as adults.

Jonesboro gunman sued

On tapes, Jonesboro shooter explains, apologizes:

Jonesboro gunman Mitchell Johnson is being sued in a wrongful death suit by the families of his victims. In a taped deposition he’s trying to make himself out to be the victim. He’s even trying to lay all the blame on the other gunman, Andrew Golden.

Mitchell insists the event was fellow shooter Andrew Golden’s idea.

He repeatedly says no one was supposed to get hurt, just scared.

“I was told that he was tired of people messing with him, and he was going to scare people. He was going to prove a point that he’s not a pushover, and he asked me to help him obtain to obtain a vehicle to get to and from where he needed to go. And that was supposed to be that only,” he said.

“That was what?” an attorney asked in the deposition.

“That was supposed to be my involvement in all of this,” Johnson responded.

Instead, four students and a teacher were shot and killed and eleven people were hurt.

You know you could have said no because that was a stupid idea. But you didn’t and you took part in the shooting. The only reason you’re out of jail is because of a loophole in Arkansas law at the time regarding juvenile offenders.

And here come the excuses…

In the taped deposition we learn Mitchell Johnson was sexually abused when he was younger, used marijuana with his father and was a gang member.

“I didn’t really think all the way through, I didn’t understand that, you know, what I was doing potentially put people in harm, and that if they did get killed, they don’t come back,” he said.

Even the stupidest of children know that when you shoot somebody with a gun there is a very good possibility of them “not coming back”.

Mitchell says he understands why many people think he should still be behind bars. “I ask myself a lot, do I deserve to be free. I don’t think I do, in all honesty, you know?”

Well at least we agree on something.