Backpage trafficking indictments in Providence, RI


Two men indicted for trafficking in Providence, N. Providence:

In Providence, Rhode Island 23-year-olds Andy Fakhoury and Joseph Defeis were indicted for trafficking women for prostitution off of the Village Voice Media owned

Police in RI were tipped off from police in NY that Fakhoury and Defeis were holding a 19-year-old girl against her will and making her work the streets for them. Police say they found the victim’s picture on backpage advertising for “upscale gentlemen”. The article says it was in the adult section of backpage which makes me believe that it was on the escorts section.

Yet backpage will try to tell you that they’re effective in putting a stop to trafficking on their site. Obviously not since Fakhoury and Defeis were allegedly trafficking other women as well. But it’s a victimless crime right?