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In defense of Michael Vick

In defense of Michael Vick

Michael Vick and Ben ‘Therapist’ Roethlisberger

With the recent news of the killing of Harambe the gorilla and the harassment that ensued, it allows me the opportunity to address something that has been stuck in my craw for a number of years now.

Most of us are familiar with Michael Vick. He was the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons when he was arrested in 2007 for operating a dog fighting ring on his property. After his arrest it was revealed to the public that not only was Vick running a dog fighting ring but he had also committed some unspeakable acts against dogs that had lost their fights. Vick was convicted and spent 18 months in the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas.

Ben Roethlisberger has been the starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2004. Since that time has won the storied franchise two Super Bowl championships, however, he is not without controversy of his own. In 2010 Roethlisberger was accused of allegedly raping a woman in the bathroom of a Georgia nightclub. His security detail was even accused of not only allegedly standing at the bathroom door while the alleged rape took place but also interfering with the police investigation. Roethlisberger was never charged due to a lack of evidence. Many people seem to think that he got away with it due to his stature within the sports world.

Since serving his sentence Michael Vick has not only stayed out of trouble but lobbied for a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to willingly watch a dog fight and a felony for bringing a child to a dog fight. Roethlisberger never even saw the inside of a holding cell which a number of people say was a miscarriage of justice.

So why is Michael Vick still reviled while Roethlisberger is heralded as a hero in Pittsburgh? The answer is simple. As a society, at least here in America, we value the welfare of animals more than our fellow human beings. I’m not saying that Michael Vick is a saint by any means, however, he paid his debt to society and has kept his nose clean since his release from prison yet he’s still reviled to this day. Meanwhile an alleged rapist is celebrated around the NFL like he’s the second coming of Christ. If the accusations are to be believed he violated a woman sexually against her will. Even if Roethlisberger had done time people would have been more willing to forgive a rapist than an animal abuser.

Here’s the cold hard truth people, animals, including all of your pets and mine, are lesser life forms. It doesn’t matter if they’re dogs, cats, horses, gorillas or what have you, when it comes right down to it we are the dominant species of our world. We should have more sympathy for a thinking and feeling human victim of rape than an abused animal yet we anthropomorphize animals into being an equal species on the level of man. I’m not advocating animal abuse but at the end of the day people are more important than animals. Yes, our pets may be cute and fluffy but when all is said and done they’re just animals yet we’ll value the life of a dog we never even knew over the welfare of a rape victim. Just one more instance that shows as a society our priorities are are nowhere near in order.

Michael Jacques killed dog in order to intimidate girl

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

Prosecutors: Murder suspect Jacques killed dog to intimidate girl into helping with Brooke Bennett plot:

In case there was any doubt this should show just how much of an actual monster Michael Jacques is. For those of you not familiar with the case Jacques of Vermont is accused of kidnapping, raping and killing his 12-year-old niece, Brooke Bennett. Jacques allegedly altered her MySpace page in order to make it look like she ran away.

Federal prosecutors say that Jacques killed the dog of another 12-year-old girl and hung it in her basement to serve as a warning. Jacques allegedly used the girl as a pawn in his plan to get Brooke to his house. Jacques is said to have made up an international child sex ring called ‘Breckenridge’ in order to intimidate the girl into delivering Brooke into his clutches.

As always when posting about Jacques he is a registered sex offender who was released early from prison after completing a ‘program’ for sex offenders. Obviously it didn’t work.

Jacques is facing the death penalty under federal guidelines. He has an anti-death penalty team of lawyers who keep trying to claim it’s unconstitutional. I can barely think of anybody more deserving of an execution that Jacques. It’s just a shame they don’t use the electric chair or the gallows anymore.

An open letter to the ASPCA and Humane Society


Look. I get it. You need my financial support. If I had the money I would give it. But I think you’re marketing technique for soliciting donations could use some work.

So please stop showing abused animals on your commercials. I know that animals are being abused but your commercials just make me want to change the channel because I hate seeing any kind of animal in distress.

BTW, that’s my cat Ducksauce. She’s treated very well.

Canadian Facebook Vigilantes always out their man

Facebook vigilantes identify alleged cat killers:

The Royal Canadian Kilted Facebook Vigilantes have struck once more. I made that name up by the way with heavy influence from Ren and Stimpy.

Anyway this time they’ve published the names of four teenage animal abusers…

In a case of vigilante justice, the identities of four teenage boys accused of killing a cat by putting it in a microwave oven in Camrose, Alta., were posted on a Facebook page on Sunday.

The names of the boys, who were charged with animal cruelty and other offences after allegedly breaking into a home on Dec. 29 and killing the cat, were quickly pulled from the website by police because the accused cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The names had been posted on one of several group pages condemning the boys’ actions and threatening violence, said Sgt. Tony Thomsen.

Now while I think these scumbag animal abusers should be hung by a certain body part the Canadian Facebook Vigilantes have to understand that by posting the offenders name not only are they possibly impeding the investigation but they could be getting themselves in trouble as well.

Now if I was some kind of unscrupulous person I would remind the Canadian Facebook Vigilantes that the Youth Criminal Justice Act doesn’t affect Americans.