Mugshot Special: Carolina Kitty Killers

Mugshot Special: Carolina Kitty Killers

Jace and Zackery Greene

29-year-old Jace Lee Greene and Zackery Eugene Greene, age unknown are from Asheville, North Carolina, and are accused of…you know what? I’m not going to repost their alleged crimes here. If you’re an animal lover and want to torture yourself, you can check their crimes here, here, and here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Zackery Greene is still on the run.


If you come across any recent weird and unusual mugshots, please feel free to send them my way.

Crazy Kentucky cat killer culled cats from craigslist

Alex Phelps

Alex Phelps

Woman says man accused of torturing cats got the animals on Craigslist:

24-year old Alex Phelps was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky on charges that he abused, tortured and killed several cats. Witnesses have come forward and have said that they gave Phelps cats that they advertised on craigslist.

The reason I bring up this story because it’s a commonly held belief that people who torture and kill animals like this have the most potential to go on to become serial killers.

Now I’m not saying that correlation equals causation but this is the type of person that frequents craigslist. If he hadn’t been caught how long would it have been before he started using craigslist to find human victims? Horny guys on casual encounters would probably be the most vulnerable considering they believe everything they read on the internet.

UPDATE 11/8/2011: His charges have been transferred from Jefferson to Bullitt County.

UPDATE 1/2/2013: Last month Phelps pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5 years. He’s currently out on bond. Sentencing is set to take place on the 11th.

Mom forced kids to abuse animals

*Nov 07 - 00:05*Mom ran pet ‘concentration camp,’ son says:

I originally posted about this over at one of my other sites. That was before I knew there were children involved but I’m getting ahead of myself.

43-year-old Sharon McDonough of Selden, New York on Long Island was arrested this past week for allegedly swiping her neighbors’ pets, torturing them and burying them in her yard. The abuse of the animals was so bad that the National Geographic show Rescue Ink was called in to rescue the surviving animals.

I thought the story was done there. Until I received an e-mail from reader Caitlin.

The new wrinkle in the story is that she had some of her six daughters help in the abuse.

Let’s hear from her oldest child, 21-year-old Douglas McDonough. He’s also the person who turned her in…

“She would have the oldest kids hold down the dog while we duct-taped his mouth and she would hit him,” he said, adding that he and his sisters were all forced to take part in the abuse.

The six girls, ages 1 1/2-13, were taken from the house.

It’s not bad enough that she committed these atrocities but she just had to get her kids involved. Can you imagine what kind of people they may grow up to be?

The Mutant King?

Animal massacre act of revenge:

This kid may just take the mutant crown…

BROOKFIELD — The teen convicted of bludgeoning and stabbing to death almost 40 farm animals once posted an evil, hate-filled message congratulating the teen responsible for killing a Columbine High School student on a memorial Web site her parents created.

In the 2004 note, 19-year-old Lucas Timko claimed the world was a better place, complimented Eric (Harris) for a ‘‘good kill’’ and remarked of sexually assaulting Cassie Bernall, one of 13 people killed that day in April 1999.

Details of Timko’s life, including information about the death of his mother when the teen was only 3 and a fascination with serial killers were made known on Thursday when Eastern District Judge Ron Rice sentenced the Brookfield man to 15 months in jail in connection to the Oct. 31, slaughtering of 34 chickens and three peacocks and turkeys at an Amy Boyle Road farm and an unrelated theft.

He also was ordered to write a 250-word apology, fined more than $1,000, must pay $1,100 in restitution and placed on five years probation.

During court Thursday, Timko revealed his fascination with serial killers when asked by Rice about the number of books he possessed regarding serial killers found by police. The court also learned of his mother’s death while she was trying to save Timko and his twin brother from their burning home in 1990.

Timko underwent counseling after sending the message to Bernall’s parents. He also sent the couple a letter of apology, police said.

It’s obvious this kid is a serial-killer in the making. After his paltry sentence is up I hope someone is keeping him on a short leash.