NJ sex offenders arrested

Sex offenders nabbed on MySpace and Facebook:

The state of New Jersey has arrested 3 sex offenders that were found to be on MySpace and Facebook.

The perpetrators were Stanton Ulmer, 32, of Neptune Township, Felice Black, 24, of Paterson, and Pietro Parisi, 34, of Westville.

While the New Jersey AG, Anne Milgram, is busy patting herself on the back I think this shows that recent legislation is not keeping sexual predators off social networks.

New Jersey AG eyes MySpace and others

New Jersey asks 12 Web sites to check for sex offenders:

New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram has not only asked MySpace for sex offender information she’s also asked eleven other sites to do the same.

Attorney General Anne Milgram has asked for information from Xanga.com, Facebook, Community Connect, TagWorld, Bebo, MyYearbook.com, Tagged, Friendster, LiveJournal, Imeem, Hi5 and Gaia Online.

I’ll give her this much, she’s thorough. Some of those sites I hadn’t even heard of. But like other state Attorneys General she’s picking on MySpace…

The Attorney General’s Office has issued three subpoenas to MySpace, but the 12 other sites will soon be getting letters from Milgram asking for help.

And also like the other state Attorneys General there’s no mention of parents doing a better job of monitoring their children.