Canadian doctor accused of killing kids

A horrified town wonders, why?:

Dr. Guy Turcotte of St. Jérôme, Quebec stands accused of killing his two kids in a botched murder-suicide attempt. Dead are his two children Olivier Turcotte, 5, and Anne-Sophie Turcotte, 3. The motive behind the killings seems to be that Turcotte was distraught over being separated from his wife. I guess this is another case of ‘if I can’t have the kids no one can’. How selfish can you get? If you’re that upset about your failed marriage kill yourself but don’t take it out on your kids. Or even better, you can just be a man and carry on with your life so your kids will still have two parents.

In a case of somewhat poetic justice the hospital he was taken to refused to treat him because it was the same hospital that him and his doctor wife worked at.

He’s still in ICU in a different hospital and hasn’t spoken to police yet.

Thanks to AnnaRayna for the tip.