Ansen Brown captured

Florida Man, Accused In MySpace Molestation, Caught In Upstate:

I posted about Ansen Brown yesterday. He’s the guy from Hollywood, Florida who flew a 15-year-old girl from California to Florida and molested her. He had posted on his MySpace blog that he would fly someone out who was interested in being in porn.

Well, he won’t be making any movies anytime soon unless he’s part of an Investigation Discovery documentary about prison life.

Mr. Brown was apprehended at an Econo Lodge in Greenville, South Carolina where he’s currently awaiting extradition.

Police looking for would be child porn producer

Hollywood Cops Hunt MySpace Sexual Predator:

Police in Hollywood Florida are looking for 32-year-old Ansen Brown.

Brown made a blog post that asked who wanted to be porn star. The blog post said if he thought they were good enough he would fly them to Miami.

Apparently he thought a 15-year-old girl was good enough because that’s who he flew from California to Florida. He’s accused of molesting her once they got back to Brown’s place.

The girl was found but Brown has disappeared.

Update: Per LiLO you may want to turn your speakers off before clicking Brown’s MySpace link.