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IA man arrested for sexual abuse

Arrest Made in Alleged MySpace Sex Abuse:

23-year-old Anthony McGrew has been arrested for sexually abusing two underage girls, one of which he met on MySpace.

The Story County Sheriff’s Office says 23-year-old Anthony McGrew of Melbourne met one of the girls on MySpace.

They met in person two weeks later. That’s when authorities say McGrew sexually abused the 14-year-old Nevada girl. “At 23 years old, you’d know the difference as far as what’s appropriate and what’s not as far as a 14-year-old,” says Lt. Dru Toresdahl.

The next time they agreed to meet, the girl brought a friend. Authorities say both were sexually abused. The Sheriff’s office was contacted by the girl’s parent, who found a note she had written a friend.

So what kind of excuse do you think the enablers will make this time?

A. She said she was 16.
B. Anthony’s a nice guy and would never do anything like this
C. The victims are slut
D. It’s ok to have sex with 14-year-olds
E. All of the above.

My guess is E.