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Kentucky Breeders pimped out their teenage daughters


Couple charged with offering daughter for sexual favors:

Trial for couple accused of human trafficking delayed:

Ky. Couple Accused Of Trafficking Daughters For Sex:

As you can tell by the picture Ed and Bev Bighead up there are Anthony and Kathy Hart of Richmond, Kentucky. They’ve been charged with human trafficking for allegedly turning out their teenage daughters for prostitution. The Harts were arrested in December of 2010 and the trial is set to start this March.

According to reports the pair would go to local businesses and would ask men if they would like to ‘spend time’ with their 13 and 14-year-old daughters. The Breeders were first investigated when police found the two girls outside a movie theater dressed provocatively. The girls are said to have told police they would get gifts and money from men in exchange for sexual favors. The Breeders are also accused of taking pictures of the girls partially dressed. That’s important and I’ll tell you why.

While I can’t prove it and this is purely conjecture I can only think of one reason why they would take pictures of the girls like that. That’s so they could advertise them on the net on places like craigslist and backpage. I’m not going to get into why backpage and craigslist allow that. That’s for my other site. However I will say that both of those sites are prime territory for Breeders who are looking to turn out their kids. More than one person has been arrested for looking for ‘some time’ with someone’s kids.

I also wonder what the Breeders did with the money and gifts the girls got. Like most pimps I’m sure they kept it all for themselves and blew it on shit they didn’t need.

And to top it all off Anthony Hart had previously done time for trying to sell one of his daughters in a Wal-Mart parking lot back in 2001. How was this scumfuck even allowed to have any kids in his care after that?

I feel bad for these girls for having to be repeatedly raped by the pedophile johns at the urging of someone who is supposed to unconditionally love their children.

We have failed as a society.

Thanks to Diana for the tip.