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Other Missoula child prostitution ring leader sentenced


Man sent to prison for Missoula prostitution ring:

Last month Richard Carpita was sentenced to 10 years in state prison for being one of the ring leaders of a craigslist prostitution ring in Missoula, Montana that used underage girls.

This past week his cohort Anthony Brazington was sentenced to four years in the state pen for charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated promotion of prostitution.

Brazington said it was his $150 a day weed habit that led him to get into child prostitution. And I thought weed wasn’t addictive, but that’s another rant for another time. Although even most burnouts I’ve ever met haven’t loved weed so much that they forced a 16-year-old to turn tricks either.

And yes I do think four years is a joke and unless maybe it was hard labor. They need to bring that back especially for pimps and traffickers.

2nd Missoula child prostitution ring leader pleads guilty


2nd Missoula prostitution ring leader pleads guilty:

Back in December I posted about 30-year-old Richard Carpita pleading guilty to running a prostitution ring in Missoula, Montana on craigslist that employed underage girls. Now his cohort, 21-year-old Anthony Brazington, has also pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

Carpita will be sentenced in February and Brazington will be sentenced in March.

For once I hope these child traffickers get a real sentence.

One of Missoula child prostitution ring leaders pleads guilty


UM student pleads guilty to pimping teen prostitution ring on Craigslist:

30-year-old Richard Carpita pleaded guilty this past week to running a prostitution ring on craigslist that used at least 3 underage girls.

Carpita is looking at 20 years in a Montana state prison. I hope the prisons there are just as tough as the terrain and the weather in MT.

His cohort, 21-year-old Anthony Brazington, has his next court appearance in January.

Missoula child prostitution ring johns sentenced


4 sentenced as Missoula prostitution ring clients:

I originally posted about the Missoula, Montana child prostitution ring in craigslist here and here.

The johns that were arrested for soliciting the girls were sentenced this past week to were all sentenced to 6 months in jail. Again not a serious enough sentence for paid child rape but it’s a start.

However I want to point out something mentioned in the article. Even though the alleged ring leaders, 30-year-old Richard A. Carpita and 21-year-old Anthony J. Brazington, were running this ring prior to the shut down of adult services they were advertising these girls in the casual encounters section. You know that section don’t you? It’s the one where no monitoring ever goes on and has been used for child molestation and revenge rapes.

Until craigslist either cleans up or moderates that section the fight is far from over.

Johns charged in Missoula child prostitution ring


Clients charged in Missoula Craigslist prostitution ring:

I originally posted about the Missoula, Montana child prostitution ring here. At that time 30-year-old Richard A. Carpita and 21-year-old Anthony J. Brazington were charged with running a craigslist prostitution ring that had girls ages 16-19 working for them.

This past week the johns that were allegedly involved in the ring were charged with prostitution, a misdemeanor.

That’s the problem with trying to stop prostitution and human trafficking. The demand part of the equation, the johns, get little to no punishment whatsoever. In order to truly be serious about child prostitution and human trafficking these charges need to be made into felonies. Like I’ve said so many times before if you cut off the demand there will be no need for a supply.

Missoula, MT child prostitution ring busted


Child prostitution ring uncovered in Missoula; two men arrested:

While craigslist has removed the adult services section, at least temporarily, let’s not forget their past transgressions. For example take this story out of Missoula, Montana. About as small town as you can get. There, police have arrested 30-year-old Richard A. Carpita and 21-year-old Anthony J. Brazington for allegedly running a child prostitution ring on craigslist.

The investigation started back in May when police were called to a mini mart for a shoplifting call. It was then that police say Carpita fled from the scene on foot leaving his car and two female passengers behind. The females told police that Carpita was pimping out a 16-year-old runaway girl.

Along with the 16-year-old police say that Carpita and his roommate Brazington were pimping out three other girls between the ages of 16 and 18.

Again these were ads on craigslist that were supposedly screened not to appear on the site in the first place. But again craigslist was only screening them for legal reasons and not moral ones. And I’m not talking about morality as any religion or political party would have you believe. I’m talking about decent humanity where most people don’t want children trafficked for sex.