New York men arrested for being with Ohio teens

Two Vermilion teens say they were sexually assaulted by MySpace friends from New York:

Three men from New York state are being accused of rape by two teenage girls from Vermilion, Ohio.

Michael Wightman, 18, Anthony Edinger, 19, and James Lass, 21, are have said to met the Ohio girls over MySpace then were invited to visit. That’s a 300 mile trip by the way.

When Wightman was caught wandering the streets of Vermilion with pot in his possession he led the police to Edinger who was in a nearby car, who then led them to Lass who was at the house where the girls were. The ages of the girls at the house were 15, 14, and 14.

Two of the girls are claiming rape but for once I’m not so sure…

Edinger, who had an open can of beer in the car, had bruising on his neck that appeared to be ”hickeys,” the report said. He admitted to having sexual relations with a girl at a nearby house where one of his friends was still located.

The story unfolded from there. Inside the house, police found the three teenage girls — ages 15 and 14 — and James Lass, 21, of Brattsburg, N.Y., who was sleeping in the master bedroom.

At first the girls were reluctant to talk to police, but once separated, two of the three girls broke down.

The 15-year-old had sex with all three males — twice with two of them, but claims it was not consensual, police said. One of the 14-year-old girls, who said she was sleeping in a bathroom, said she was raped by Lass.

The other 14-year-old was not involved in any of the sexual activity, police said.

In case you were wondering where the parents were the father of the girl who lived in the house was at work.

But before everyone gets their panties in a bunch about how these ‘poor boys’ were set up let’s not forget the fact that while the sex may have been consensual they still had sex with minors and provided them with drugs and alcohol. D’oh!

Enjoy your stay in Ohio boys.