Pa. man posed as teen surfers on Facebook to lure teen girls

William R. Ainsworth (Cowabunga)

William R. Ainsworth (Cowabunga)

Mars man charged with seducing underage girls via Facebook:

Seducing? Really? That’s the headline you want use? Seducing makes it sound romantic. What this guy did was nothing more than violating young girls but I’m getting ahead of myself.

53-year-old William R. Ainsworth of Mars, Pennsylvania has been charged with not only luring teen girls online but also receiving explicit photos of them and in some cases having sex with them. And by now you should know I consider that last one nothing but child rape. What amazes me is the convoluted way that Ainsworth not only used but was actually successful with.

According to police Ainsworth posed as homeless teen surfers on Facebook by the names of “Bill Cano” and “Anthony ‘Rip’ Navari”. After the two fake surfers amassed a gaggle of female teenage followers they would introduce them to their older friend “Glenn Keefer”. The surfers would tell the girls that if they had sex with “Keefer” he would send the surfers money. To elicit even more sympathy from his victims he said that the first surfer died.

His victims ranged in age from 12 to 15. He was arrested back in September after allegedly being caught going to a 14-year-old girl’s house in order to have sex with her. Police say that Ainsworth has been in contact with at least 30 underage girls and had sex with 5 of them.

Do you now see the depths that sexual predators are willing to use to get what they need from your children? If you’re not monitoring your children’s activities online you should be.

Not too long ago I said that Facebook is slowly devolving into MySpace. A few more of these kind of stories and it will be 2006 all over again.