Hawaii trio accused of pimping out 16-year-old on craigslist

3 men indicted in sexual listing:

Trio Charged With Promoting Prostitution:

A Hawaiian District Court has indicted Marcus Xavier Arrington, 19, Anthony Terrell Fuller, 20, and Brad Yick Kin Young, 20, of pimping out a 16-year-old girl on craigslist this past December. The girl was a runaway who was allegedly forced to have sex with Arrington and other men six to eight times a day for 10 days in December. Arrington and his buddies are allegedly part of a gang called H-mob. The victim claims that she was abused by Arrington and was afraid not to do what he said.

Since craigslist has changed their erotic services policy I can’t trash them too bad except to say they should have done it a long time ago so what happened to this girl could have been prevented.

Consenting? Not on your life. Adult? Not even close. Would this have happened if prostitution was legal? You betcha. There’s always going to be a demand for the young. Again, here’s your ‘victimless’ crime.