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Six Degrees of Dio: Anthrax


Anthrax is one of the seminal thrash bands of all time. There’s a reason they’re part of the big 4, even though to me it’s really the big 2 but that’s neither here nor there.


Dimebag Darrell Abbott played on several Anthrax albums. He also played on the Rob Halford song “Light Comes Out of Black”. Rob Halford has filled in as the lead singer of Black Sabbath on occasion with Tony Iommi. And by now you should know that Tony was in Sabbath/Heaven and Hell with Dio.

Now while I’m sure most people are fans of the classic Anthrax with Joey Belladonna on vocals I’m more of a fan of the John Bush led Anthrax. I felt they were a more serious band with John Bush.

Here’s the John Bush fronted Anthrax with Anyplace But Here off of the album We’ve Come For You All.


So I read this article at E! Online that says the Seinfeld episode where George’s fiance dies from licking a wedding invitation envelope that has toxic glue, has been pulled and will most likely not be aired again in light of recent events regarding anthrax being sent through the mail. (Wow that was a long sentence.) Again I say…”LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE”.

Yes I feel for the people who have contracted anthrax. Yes, it is a shame that innocent people had to die. But come on people, this episode was made 5 years ago. It’s not like she died from anthrax in the episode. It was one of the few episodes of Seinfeld that I actually thought was funny.

This isn’t the only anthrax overreaction. Right here in my own state of North Cackalacki, Fayetteville to be precise, some homeowners that lived on Anthrax Street have petitioned to the city council to have the streets name changed. First of all, who would name a street Anthrax and second of all why would anybody want to live on it. Anyway they were granted their request. The joke was they were going to rename the street Cipro Drive.

The only people who haven’t overreacted is Anthrax the band. They have stated on their website that the have been Anthrax for 20 years and they are not going to change. I applaud them in their endeavors. It’s good to see that the entire country hasn’t become a bunch of pussies.