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Without truth there is no justice

Facebook seems to be a never-ending source of both amusement and frustration for me. I used to block people who would post something completely ludicrous. Now I use it to see what bullcrap is being posted and being passed off as fact. Today one of my Facebook friends posted a link to an article from …

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Back during the 2004 election I joked that John Kerry and John Edwards were antichrists.
I was going to make one about Senator Obama but he doesn’t look like anyone from a horror movie.
Since I was raised Roman Catholic I don’t believe in the end times or the Rapture so I don’t put too much stock into an antichrist. So do I think Senator Obama is the antichrist? Not in the least though. Even though he does fit that false messiah description. I don’t think Senator Obama did that on purpose but the Kool-Aid drinking sect of his supporters have.
Remember kids, not everyone on the right is religious and not all of us that are religious are nutbags.