For the last time, psychiatric drugs do NOT cause school shootings

So I go to the vast cultural void that is Facebook, and I see people posting memes and bullshit about mass shooters and psychiatric drugs. You know, things like this…

People who post bullshit like this are the reason that seeking professional mental healthcare in this country is so stigmatized. You are all Luddites who are just as bad as anti-vaxxers, if not worse. You people, and please take that in the most derogatory way possible, are a bigger cause of mass shootings than the drugs you demonize. You are a big reason why people who are suffering in silence every day won’t go to get the help they need. Some of you may as well have pulled the trigger yourself.

Hell, let’s even analyze the pitiful meme I posted that’s being passed around the world’s restroom wall that is Facebook. I’m going to focus on the top row because those four are school shooters I recognize. From the top left, Dylan Klebold from Columbine was not on any kind of psychiatric drug. His partner, Eric Harris was on Luvox but he’s only half the equation. You can’t blame Columbine on psych drugs if only one of the shooters was taking them. Next is Cho Seung-Hui from Virginia Tech. No drugs, prescription or otherwise, were found in his system. And of course, the little troll on the end is Adam Lanza from the Sandy Hook shootings. While he had a history of psychiatric problems, no drugs were found in his body either. I’ll even give you a bonus one. Stephen Kazmierczak, who ten years to the day before the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killed 5 at Northern Illinois University. He had been taking Prozac but had stopped taking it three days before the shooting. However, Prozac doesn’t leave your system quick enough for there to be that much of an emotional change.

Then again, that’s another problem with your deadly conspiracy theory. You can’t make up your minds whether or not being on meds causes violence or being off of them does. And yes, it is a conspiracy theory. I defy you to find a peer-reviewed medical study that connects medications to school shootings. Not a link from WND or Free Republic and not one from Natural News or Huffington Post either since you dolts seem to run the political spectrum. Try not using the term Big Pharma either. You might as well say jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

I was going through the archives of this site and I came across this post I made five years ago about a coalition who believed antidepressants caused school shootings. The coalition was made up of gun rights advocates, Scientologists and physician-skeptics. So that means people who shoot themselves while cleaning their guns, people who think essential oils can cure cancer, and a cult that believes evil aliens inhabit your body and will get rid of them for a nominal fee think that medicine is bad. That is the company you keep.

Again, you all need to learn the phrase ‘Correlation does not imply causation’.

In conclusion, you’re an anti-science Luddite who has no compassion for those with mental illness. You should feel bad, you’re a horrible person, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Thanks to Nick for the tip.

Valium did not cause the Las Vegas shooting

Valium did not cause the Las Vegas shooting

I didn’t plan on blogging about the Las Vegas shooting. I felt just as bad about it as I did when 9/11 happened. As a matter of fact because of my depression I haven’t been able to blog about two school shootings that took place recently. Then I saw something claimed about the shooter, Stephen Paddock, that made my blood boil and I couldn’t remain silent on this.

Some online political rag, who I won’t link to because they don’t deserve the traffic, used the headline of “Stephen Paddock: Another Mass Shooter on Psychiatric Meds”. The rag linked to another article from the Las Vegas Journal Review, which in my opinion was very irresponsibly written. Basically both articles insinuate that since Paddock was prescribed Valium it led to the shooting. The article claims one of Valium’s side-effects is ‘aggressive behavior’. According to the Mayo Clinic, the side-effect should be more properly referred to as ‘outbursts of anger’ and it’s not that common.

Paddock was believed to have taken the drug at prescribed intervals and didn’t abuse the drug. So you’re going to tell me this so-called aggressive behavior caused by Valium, or diazepam if you will, resulted in Paddock inspecting three different possible locations for his rampage, amassing a stockpile of weapons over a number of years and meticulously planning his crime to include cameras outside of his hotel room? I don’t buy it. Not only that, but it’s bad journalism.

The Las Vegas Review shouldn’t even be trusted as a news source since it was taken over by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. Adelson is rumored to have bought the paper so it would no longer criticize his business practices. Adelson was also a large donor to the Trump campaign so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Adelson, through the paper, is trying to turn the debate away from gun control to prescription drugs.

There are a group of people who are so opposed to antidepressants or any medicine used for the treatment of mental healthcare, they almost always attach it to whatever mass shooting may have just occurred. To my recollection this has been going on since at least Columbine, when it was made a big deal that one of the shooters was prescribed Luvox for depression. Never mind that the other shooter was on no such meds. That’s not even mentioning that these people will blame the drug if the shooter was either on or off of the drug they were prescribed.

The worst part is these people are further stigmatizing mental healthcare, something that doesn’t need any further stigmatization in this country. Not everyone on Valium is a potential mass murderer, they’re more likely trying to stave off a crippling anxiety attack. Furthermore, people on antidepressants are more than likely just trying to function normally in society and not plotting the mass execution of dozens.

No drugs found in Adam Lanza psychiatric or otherwise

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Had No Drugs, Alcohol In System:

Last week it was leaked by an anonymous official attached to the Sandy Hook investigation that Adam Lanza’s toxicology report did not turn up any illegal or prescription drugs in his system. As I’ve posted before usually charlatans and quacks come out after a school shooting and are quick to blame anti-depressants as the real motive behind these kinds of shootings. Dealing with them is kind of like dealing with conspiracy theorists. If the suspect was on anti-depressants the shooting was caused by the meds. If the shooter wasn’t on any meds then the shooting must have happened because he went off his meds. Why can’t it just ever be that he was a crazy bastard?

It’s no secret that I am a firm advocate of medical science and anti-depressants. As I’ve said numerous times an anti-depressant basically turned my life around. Have I had a bad reaction to some? Yes, I have. Unfortunately finding the right one can be a trial and error kind of process. However when I did have a bad reaction the only person I wanted to hurt was myself. If, and that’s a mighty big if, a prescription medication causes someone to murder it’s more than likely that person had murderous intentions to begin with.

As far as I’m concerned the people who blame these things on anti-depressants are on the same level of people who believe vaccines cause autism. Both are misinformed and are wallowing in their ignorance.

UPDATE 10/29/2013: These findings have been made official but just like I mentioned the media is blaming the lack of meds in his system as a reason behind the shootings.

But did the troubled 20-year-old slip into a murderous rage because he was off his prescription medication?

How about no? Does no work for you? Because the answer is no. Just, no.

It’s more likely that he want into a murderous rage because he was an over-entitled psychopath.

Questionable coalition blames shooting sprees on psych drugs


Psychiatric drugs blamed for shootings:

For those of you Luddites and ‘Big Pharma’ conspiracy theorists who believe that anti-depressants and other psychiatric drugs cause school shootings and other shooting sprees this should hopefully show you just how idiotic your argument sounds.

An unlikely coalition of gun rights advocates, Scientologists and physician-skeptics is using post-Newtown outrage over gun violence to promote the view that psychiatric drugs fuel mass shooters.

That’s right. You’re standing behind gun nuts, Scientologists and a various assortment of quacks. Speaking of a quack…

“IT IS NOT GUNS” that are to blame for mass shootings, Ignatius Piazza, a chiropractor who runs Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, said in a blog entry. Rather, “the common denominator (is) the creation of strong, mind altering, psychiatric drugs.”

Yeah, because a chiropractor, aka not a real doctor, would know all there is to know about psychiatry. You’ll forgive me if I don’t believe a branch of ‘medicine’ where the participants get their diplomas at a strip mall.

I will agree with one thing that the quack said. Guns don’t cause people to kill much like hammers don’t cause houses to get built. As always it’s the people behind them. The only thing that causes these mass shootings are evil bastards bent on violence. Neither the guns nor the drugs caused them.

The article goes on to mention that a relative of Adam Lanza was on the antipsychotic Fanapt and that James Holmes was on Zoloft and clonazepam, aka Clonopin. Hell, I’ll even throw one in that they didn’t mention. Eric Harris was on the drug Luvox. But I can equally argue the reverse. Cho Seung Hui was not on any medication. Investigators said that Prozac had little to no impact on the shootings at NIU done by Stephen Kazmierczak. Lastly Eric Harris’ lackey, Dylan Klebold was not on any medications either.

If it sounds like I’m taking this personally it’s because I am. I’m tried of bullshit artist using anti-depressants as a bogeyman in order to fuel whatever misguided agenda they have which in turn attaches a stigma to people who do take anti-depressants.

A number of years ago I started taking an anti-depressant. Prior to that I was suicidal and self-destructive and it affected all of those around me. Since I started taking them I have become a completely changed man and my only regret is that I didn’t start taking them sooner.

Ant-depressants can help people and no should be ashamed if they take them. They do not cause people to go on killing sprees. Those are facts. Try dealing with them once in a while.

Do antidepressants cause Autism when taken by pregnant women?


Antidepressant use in pregnancy may raise autism risk:

Did you hear that? That was the sound of the anti-vaccination and anti-anti-depressant crowd having a collective orgasm. The anti-vaxxers have a history of using the boogeyman of Autism but this will be the new rallying cry for those who spread fear about anti-depressants. But I digress.

Here’s the story. A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry states that pregnant women who take SSRIs may be twice as likely for their children to have Autism than mothers who don’t. Most of the fear and doubt crowd will cite this as concrete proof that antidepressants are inherently evil.

However what I’m sure will be lost in the argument is this quote made by the lead author of the study…

The lead author of the study, Lisa Croen, Ph.D., the director of autism research at Kaiser Permanente Northern California, a large nonprofit health plan based in Oakland, emphasizes the preliminary nature of her team’s findings. “This is the first study of its kind to look at the association, and the findings have to be interpreted with a lot of caution,” she says. “We can’t detect causality from one study.”

What that means to the average Joe or Jane is that while the study showed that pregnant mothers who take meds are twice as likely to have an Autistic child there is no proof that the meds are causing the Autism.

It’s a shame really. I know parents personally who have genuinely Autistic children. If groups that use Autism as the ultimate fear weapon to continue to proliferate pretty soon people will believe that everything causes Autism which will lead people to engage in even more stupid behavior. Not only that but if the pendulum swings the other way than actual Autism research will be regarded as nonsense.

Albertville Realschule Blame Game II – Antidepressants

Germany Teen Prescribed Antidepressants Kills Fifteen in a Drug Rage:

Don’t take that headline too seriously. It’s not from what I would call a legitimate news site. It’s just a press release from a Luddite organization that doesn’t believe in the use of antidepressants. They claim that Albertville gunman, Tim Kretschmer was on antidepressants and stopped taking them which in turn they say lead to his bloody shooting spree.

Except, here’s the thing. I have yet to read any report that came right out and said that Kretschmer was on any kind of mental health drug anti-depressant or otherwise. All the reports have said is that Kretschmer was undergoing treatment for depression but stopped going to his sessions. These anti-psychiatry Luddites automatically assume that the treatment must have included some kind of drug therapy. Let me tell you that someone who has been treated for depression since the early 90’s treatment for depression does not automatically mean some kind of drug therapy.

Not to mention that the Luddites can’t even get together to determine if it’s being in meds that cause these shootings or if it’s being off the meds that cause them.

Unlike the Luddites I don’t believe in conspiracies but if I did I would swear all these anti-anti-depressant organizations were fronts for a certain celebrity filled ‘church’.

Crime and Anti-depressants

Look people. Stop sending me stuff about trying to connect crime and pharmaceuticals. I just don’t buy it.

For every crime where people were taking antidepressants I can point to another 50 where they weren’t. It’s just another case of correlation does not equal causation. It’s nothing more that tin foil hat type conspiracies like the people who claim that 9/11 was an inside job.

Even your pet cause of Columbine has flaws. You always tout that Eric Harris was on Luvox but you never mention the fact that Dylan Klebold wasn’t on anything.

And yes it is kind of personal because antidepressants have remarkably have changed my life for the better.

So save it for someone who gives a rat’s ass.

Meds played little to no role in NIU shooting

Reports of Gunman’s Use of Antidepressant Renew Debate Over Side Effects:

This is a great article from the NY Times (which is rare) about what kind of role antidepressants played at the NIU tragedy.

In a word they probably played no role whatsoever.

Kazmierczak was on Prozac and was off of it for three days prior to the shooting. According to the article Prozac doesn’t leave your system in that time.

Now the anti-depressant Luddites will still use this as an argument because they can’t make up their minds if being on or off antidepressants cause situations like this.

Most medical professionals quoted in the article say that when patients on antidepressants have violent outbursts like this it usually indicates another underlying problem.

And I’m sure they’ll also ignore this quote.

Dr. Michael Stone, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia, maintains a database of 1,000 violent crimes, including mass murders, going back decades. In many cases the accused had stopped taking drugs for schizophrenia, Dr. Stone said.

“I only have a handful of cases,” he added, “where the person was on an antidepressant.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kazmierczak had undiagnosed schizophrenia.

Personally I couldn’t laud the benefits of antidepressants enough. Being on one has literally saved my life.

No drugs in Cho

Police say toxicology tests show no drugs in Seung-Hui Cho’s system:

According to the Virginia State Police the toxicology test performed on Cho Seung-Hui revealed that there were no drugs, prescription or otherwise, in his system. I doubt that will silence the Luddites though who claim that antidepressants are responsible for every single school shooting.

The autopsy confirmed that Cho did in fact take the coward’s way out by shooting himself in the head.