Sex trafficker used Facebook to recruit teens


Man forced teens to have sex after luring them from Facebook:

Man Lured Teens From Facebook, Forced Into Sex Trafficking:

Most times when it comes to child prostitution and sex trafficking I’m usually talking about websites like Backpage or craigslist. However every once in a while I’ll talk about a social networking site like Facebook. Some pimps and traffickers find that social networking is a powerful recruitment tool.

Case in point, police in St. Louis County, Missouri have arrested 39-year-old Anton Mark Morris for prostituting teen girls and women that he recruited through Facebook. I actually started to type craigslist there. Force of habit I guess.

According to police Morris recruited a 16-year-old girl through Facebook and used the usual promises of money, gifts and a better life. Of course that is never true. Instead he forced the girl to recruit others to work for him. Morris also allegedly held two other girls, ages 17 and 19, against their will and forced all three of them to violated by strangers for money. One night when Morris fell asleep one of the girls escaped and got in touch with police. Morris is actually looking at life behind bars since St. Louis County has a pretty stiff human trafficking law.

Parents, once again I urge you to talk to your children to tell them that if someone online is promising them money and gifts that they are out to do them harm. It’s the same as the ‘never take candy from strangers’ principle except taken to an entirely new level.