There can be only one, vato

Antonio Gutierrez

Man attacks son with sword for not doing chores, police say:

It’s not always about Breeders who harm their minor children here at (P)BB. Sometimes we do post the occasional story about a Breeder that harms an adult child. This is one of those stories.

43-year-old Antonio Gutierrez of Ventura, California was said to have not been pleased with the lack of chores his 18-year-old son was doing. As with most teens it escalated into an argument.

The argument allegedly got so heated that Gutierrez started brandishing a 4 foot long sword and attacked his son with it. Luckily, if you can use that word here, the son only suffered minor lacerations of the hand.

I haven’t been able to confirm this but I would take a guess that the sword was probably a katana, more commonly known as a samurai sword.

I tend to see the katana as just another tool of the macho douche who thinks he’s a badass and has watched too many Jean Claude Van Damme movies.

It’s also a sure sign of ‘trailerism’ right up there with neck tattoos and mullets.

Thanks to JoAnna for the tip.