G-Mail vs. AOL Mail

I’ve fallen out of love with G-Mail. It’s been slower than dirt lately and it’s really starting to annoy me. Not only that but unless you download a plugin or hack your browser you can’t change the look of G-Mail. Staring at a white background all day gets kind of annoying after a while.

The problem is I can’t quit G-Mail. They just have way too many features that I can’t get along without anymore.

+ Aliases: I can make my G-mail look like it’s being sent from any of my dozens of e-mail addresses.

+ Forwarding: I can have certain e-mails forwarded to another e-mail address.

+ No ads in e-mail footer: I don’t want to send out an e-mail from one of my domains that has an ad for my webmail client in it.

So G-Mail is pretty much perfect but there has to be an alternative out there as far as webmail goes. For the next couple of days or so I’ll be looking at one of the also rans.

Today’s contestant is AOL Mail.

Surprisingly not a bad product from the people who brought you AOL in the first place.

– I like to be signed in all the time to my webmail, AOL Mail doesn’t let me do that.

+ Interface is pretty clean.

– Slow in getting and sending mail.

+ Good speed in loading though.

– Ads in tagline.

– Probably won’t get the name you want.

– No forwarding.

– No aliasing.

– AOL spams its users.

Bottom line: Not bad for a basic e-mail service. If you’re not picky about your webmail it’s not bad.

Trench’s Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5 Fedoras.