Couple wanted in torture of boy

Couple Wanted in Torture of 5 Year Old Boy:

The cute couple over there is Martin Roland Morales (aka “Bullet”), 32, and Crystal Pauline Rodriguez, 28, of Apple Valley, California. They’re on the run from law enforcement on a $1M warrant for abusing and molesting a 5-year-old boy.

Sheriff’s deputies say the boy was burned with heated spoons and a glue gun, as well as deprived of food and water. The child was also sexually molested by Morales and other Males at an Apple Valley residence where Morales and Rodriguez were living, investigators say.

The thing is they’re not even the Breeders. The so called mother was arrested back in August along with a 16-year-old ‘roommate’ after a tip was called into children’s services.

I got nothing to add to that. How depraved must a woman be to live in a ‘home’ where her own flesh and blood is molested on a regular basis.