Guilty plea in WI craigslist related death

Evansville man pleads guilty on charges related to death of Aprina Paul:

Nathan Middleton

I originally posted about the death of Aprina Paul here. She died back in October of an alleged overdose after responding to the craigslist ad of 30-year-old Nathan Middleton who was offering weed for sex. Middleton claimed he panicked when he found her dead and burnt her body beyond recognition in his backyard fire pit since he was a felon on parole.

Recently Middleton of Evansville, Wisconsin, pleaded guilty to hiding a corpse and mutilating a corpse. He has not been charged with Aprina Paul’s murder because it seems that he was actually really thorough in the burning of her body…

Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden said the guilty pleas did little to ease his frustrations with the case. Middleton burned Paul’s body so thoroughly and covered his tracks so well that sheriff’s detectives, the state crime lab and other agencies have not uncovered any evidence that would lead to more serious charges , he added.

“I believe that he was involved in her death, I believed he covered up the crime,” Spoden said. “We’re not giving up on this, but we’re realistic.”

Middleton is still looking at a max of 32 years behind bars and maybe a scientific miracle will occur and they’ll actually be able to pin her death on him but don’t hold your breath.

The more shady the transaction appears to be on craigslist the more likely it can be for harm to come to you.

UPDATE 6/25/2014: Middleton was sentenced to 22 1/2 years behind bars.

Craigslist related death in Wisconsin

Craigslist ad for sex led to Wisconsin teen’s death, documents show:

No charges, so far, in death of Aprina Paul:

Aprina Paul

I can’t call it a craigslist killing yet since no murder charges have been filed yet but it doesn’t make the story any less disturbing.

The burnt remains of 18-year-old Aprina Paul of Fitchburg, Wisconsin have allegedly been discovered in a backyard fire pit. That backyard belongs to one 29-year-old Nathan Middleton of Porter, Wisconsin.

Middleton has allegedly admitted to police that Aprina died at his house but says not by his hand. He claims that she died of a drug overdose. Middleton says that he met Aprina after she supposedly responded to his ad that seems to have proposed a kind of sex for weed deal. Middleton had the weed and wanted the sex even though he’s engaged. What this mystery drug is that Aprina is said to have OD’d on is unknown because Middleton says all they did was smoke weed. He claims that he woke up the next day to her not breathing.

So why was her body burnt? Police say that Middleton admitted to burning her body by creating a giant fire pit in his back yard. He sent his fiance to get ingredients for s’mores while he started the burning of her body. He even had his fiance help him tend the fire. Neighbors say that the flames reached to about 8 feet high.

If this story sounds familiar it’s because it sounds a lot like the death of Donna Jou. She met John Steven Burgess on craigslist and he says that Donna died from a heroin overdose. The world may never know the truth in that situation because Burgess claims he threw Donna’s body in the Pacific Ocean.

As one of the articles mentions Middleton has not been charged with murder yet. He’s being held for violating probation. So far police have no evidence to dispute Middleton’s claims and it wouldn’t be the first time someone has committed an atrocity to stay out of prison. However this doesn’t seem like all there is to the story. At the very least I wouldn’t be surprised if Middleton supplied her with the drug she OD’d on which makes me wonder if the delivery of said drug was to a willing participant or not.

In case you’re wondering pot is still illegal in Wisconsin which leads me to believe that if craigslist actually moderated their site Middleton’s ad would have never seen the light of day.

UPDATE 11/14/2013: Middleton has been arrested once again. This time he’s been charged with hiding a corpse, mutilating a corpse and failure to notify the coroner of a death. Still no murder charges have been filed yet.

Nathan Middleton