Two indicted for child prostitution in Brooklyn


Two Charged With Pimping Girls on Craigslist:

Two Brooklyn men busted in craigslist underage hooker scheme:

Authorities in Brooklyn, New York have indicted 25-year-old Arctic Rogers and 26-year-old Treymaine Songster with child prostitution. Surprisingly those aren’t their street names. Rogers referred to himself as “Scooby Da Don” which I guess makes his co-pimp Shaggy.

Scooby and Shaggy are accused of using both craigslist and backpage to prostitute two girls ages 15 and 17. Reports say that the pair used rape and threats of violence to keep the girls working for them.

Rogers is not only accused of branding the girls with his pimp name but he also allegedly filmed the girls having sex and then sold the videos online. So I guess we can add a child porn charge as well. To top it all of Rogers posted on his Facebook that his activities as “pimpin hoes” and “getting this money.” If it gets updated again I’m sure it will read ‘bein’ someones bitch” but I digress.

Police say that they’re may be other victims as well.

Not surprisingly craigslist couldn’t be reached for comment and I don’t think any media outlets even bothered to contact Village Voice Media about backpage since they probably don’t want to step on the toes of their media brethren.