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Group to offer reward for ‘real’ West Memphis killer

Damien Echols (I have Hollywood money now bitches.)

Damien Echols (I have Hollywood money now bitches.)

Group offers reward for new tips in West Memphis murders:

A group calling themselves Arkansas Take Action are getting ready to offer up a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the exoneration of the West Memphis 3.

Let me tell you what this really is. This is basically a bribe for people to lie about what they actually know. How many people changed their story since moviemakers started getting involved?

The money was donated from an anonymous source but I wouldn’t be surprised if that source was one or several Hollywood types, specifically Johnny Depp and Peter Jackson.

They’ve also set up a tipline for people to call in to give information. That’s nothing new. There’s been a tipline for years and it’s produced nothing. The only thing that’s changed is the money.

I have a tip for them. Like I’ve said before they’ll find the real West Memphis killer along with the ‘real’ killers of Nicole Brown Simpson and Caylee Anthony.