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Suspect poses as craigslist escort service owner to assault woman

Loyton Francis

Loyton Francis

Man arrested for assault of woman who answered Craigslist ad:

Police in Conway, Arkansas have arrested 31-year-old Loyton Francis for allegedly assaulting a woman that he met through craigslist. How he met her through craigslist is a new one on me.

Francis, while using the alias ‘Jake Lancaster’, allegedly placed an ad on craigslist posing as an escort service owner looking for new employees. Police say that he picked up the woman at her home. She believed that they were going to dinner for an interview. Instead the victim says that Francis ordered her out of the car at a vacant field and tried forcing her to undress. Luckily she was able to get away and call a friend. Police were able to trace the ad back to Francis.

Not surprisingly Francis was out on release awaiting a federal trial. I was unable to find out what exactly those charges were but this arrest put him back in federal custody. Police also believe that Francis may have had more victims…

The department asks potential victims or those with information about the case contact Conway police at 501-450-6120, or contact the US Marshal’s Office in Little Rock.

Applying for a normal job on craigslist is risky enough. Applying for ‘adult’ employment opens you up to a whole other level of possible dangers.

AR man accused of raping MySpace girls, one is pregnant

Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez

Man Accused of Raping Underage Girls He Met on Myspace:

Not a lot of detail on this one but 24-year-old Antonio Lopez of Springdale, Arkansas has been charged with raping two 13-year-old girls that he met on MySpace. The article doesn’t clarify if it’s statutory rape or not but let’s face it, when it comes to 13-year-old girls it’s all rape.

To make matters worse one of the victims is 8-months pregnant. The article insinuates that Lopez is the sperm donor.

If the child isn’t given up for adoption imagine trying to explain that to the child. “Well, your father (statutory?) raped me when I was 13.”

Again parents, if you don’t monitor your kids’ online activity this could be just one of many horrible fates that could await them.

18 Attorneys General call for the shutdown of craigslist’s adult services but one is missing


AGs Call for End of Craigslist Adult Services:

Attorneys general target Craigslist:

Missouri AG Chris Koster joins other attorneys general asking Craigslist to remove adult ads:

Ohio AG: Craigslist should drop adult services:

Tennessee AG joins in call on Craigslist to eliminate adult services section:

AGs demand Craigslist drop adult services section:

Gansler among 17 state AGs calling for Craigslist to drop adult services:

Kansas AG Asks Craigslist To Remove Adult Ads:

In case you couldn’t tell this is big news.

18 U.S. State Attorneys General have called for craigslist to shut down the adult services section. Among those are Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Martha Coakley of Massachusetts, Chris Koster of Missouri, Richard Cordray of Ohio, Bob Cooper of Tennessee, Dustin McDaniel of Arkansas, Douglas F. Gansler of Maryland, and Steve Six of Kansas. Not mentioned are the AGs from Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Of course craigslist was quick to pay lip service to the AGs…

Craigslist supports states’ efforts to stop illegal exploitation, spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best said in a statement that did not indicate whether the website plans to get rid of its adult services section.

Of course they have no intention of getting rid of adult services. Craigslist has a history of flying in the face of common decency.

While this is a big piece of news there’s something missing. It’s easy for these attorneys general to call for craigslist to shut down adult services. There’s only one attorney general who if he put his name behind this movement would have a huge impact. I am of course referring to former governor, former mayor of Oakland, current gubernatorial candidate and current attorney general of California…


Jerry Brown

Attorney General Brown, we may be politically opposed in some of our views but for a man who cares about the environment and opposes the death penalty I would imagine that you would be opposed to the trafficking of women and children that is being facilitated by craigslist.

Craigslist is headquartered in your home state. In my opinion craigslist’s shameful record when it comes to prostitution, child prostitution and human trafficking is a black eye for the Golden State. If I can’t appeal to your heart I will appeal to your aspirations. How much of a huge political coup would it be in your current gubernatorial race if you got the biggest facilitator of human trafficking in the country to get that section of the website shut down?

Mr. Brown, I beg of you to add your name to that of the other state attorney’s general in asking craigslist to shut down the adult services section. Maybe they will listen to you.

College baseball player strikes out with FBI

FBI nabs college student:

Jacob Haley is a 21-year-old baseball player from Lyons College in Arkansas. While his team was planning a road trip to Pensacola for a game Halley was planning a trip of his own. He had arranged to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex over MySpace in Pensacola. Except when he went to meet the girl he met an FBI agent posing as a 14-year-old girl. And the girl that he had chatted with was actually Sgt. Ski Gowitzke of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Computer Crimes Unit. When he went to meet the girl he tried to be slick about it too.

When Halley went to meet the girl, he tried to portray himself as a member of another baseball team.

“He was too careful,” Gowitzke said. “He even wore a red T-shirt like the other team’s.”

It didn’t work did it Casanova?

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