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Camden is burning again

Concord Chemical fire in Camden

Concord Chemical fire in Camden

Camden’s 3d major fire in 10 days levels factory:

ATF heads investigation of latest Camden fire:

For the third time in less than 2 weeks Camden, NJ has experienced its third major multi-alarm fire. This time it was this past Sunday when the former home of Concord Chemical Inc.

Camden officials haven’t come right out and finally admitted they may have an arsonist on their hands but they called in the ATF. On the local news some officials have bandied about the theory of scrap metal thieves sparking the blaze accidentally with a blow torch. Interesting theory but three different times? It’s Camden and half the police and fire departments have been laid off. It’s arson.

Speaking of the fire departments according to one article fire departments from all over Camden County were called in to help fight the blaze. So now the city of Camden has not only drained its own resources but now they’re draining the resources of neighboring municipalities.

It’s only going to get worse. It can’t possibly get better. If you’re in Camden now get out while you still can.

Camden is burning

A little help over here?

A little help over here?

In the past week the sphincter of the country, Camden, New Jersey has had two major fires. The first one was a 12-alarm fire in an abandoned tire company. Today’s fire was an 8-alarm fire that started in an old garment factory. Investigators aren’t saying if the fires were arson but come on, it’s Camden.

For those of you who haven’t been following the story not only is Camden usually ranked as one of the most crime ridden cities in the country but back in January the city laid off half of the police and fire departments. Mostly because more than half of the properties in the city are non-tax paying properties.

Luckily no fire fighters were killed at either fire but that’s not to say the layoffs and the crime made fighting the fires any easier. Copper threads used to hook hoses to fire hydrants were stolen off the fire hydrants probably for scrap metal or to open the hydrants because of the heat. Instead fire companies had to pump in water from the Cooper River, six blocks away. Some say that it took firefighters twice the time it would have to battle this fire.

Back in March the city I posted that if the city doesn’t get its act together by the summer that the city would start to burn. I’m not prophetic as much as it is a no brainer. Less cops plus less firemen plus a heat wave equals a burning city.

Aussie Facebook vigilantes jeopardize bushfire case

Online vigilantes threaten arson case:

Facebook vigilantes from Australia have outed the identity of the alleged arsonist responsible for one of the many bushfires raging through Australia.

There was a protective order in place protecting the identity of 39-year-old Brendan Sokaluk who is accused of killing 21 in a bushfire that he allegedly started. That didn’t stop a group of Facebook users from divulging his identity, likeness and address. Part of the order has been lifted in regards to his name but in Australia you still can’t publish his likeness or address.

Police however are afraid that revealing his identity could put prosecution of Sokaluk in jeopardy by prejudicing a potential jury.

Leave the police do their job people. While I don’t agree with the Australian law it is the law. How would you feel if Sokaluk got off because of something you posted on Facebook?

Arsonist called for traveling

Parolee charged with seeking sex from teen:

38-year-old Calvin Rexroad of Urbana, Illinois is a convicted arsonist. He served half of a 25 year sentence for setting his ex-girlfriend’s car on fire which then caught the ex’s home on fire while she and her kids were inside. Luckily they escaped the fire.

I guess he thought it was high time for a criminal career change. An alert father discovered that Rexford was more or less grooming his 13-year-old daughter over MyYearbook. He contacted police. Police set up Rexford for the sting and nabbed his ass at a Victoria’s Secret.

The interesting thing is that not only was Rexford charged with indecent solicitation of a child but he was also charged with the brand new law of traveling to meet a minor. That law took effect on Jan. 1st.

Congratulations on being the first Sparky

Radical Environmentalists Suspected in Arson

Radical Environmentalists Suspected in Arson:

An unoccupied apartment complex was set on fire and the radical eco-terrorists Earth Liberation Front (ELF) appear to be behind it. Graffiti was left at the scene that said “If you build it, we will burn it,”. According to the article there was no claim of responsibility on ELF’s website. Website??? What are a bunch of terrorists allowed to have a website? So I went to their website and this is what I found. First it opens with this picture….


With the caption “Every night is earth night”. And it contains such great articles as “Setting Fires With Electrical Timers – An Earth Liberation Front Guide” The site even contains a “diary” of all the criminal acts they’ve claimed responsibility for. It’s only a matter of time before these eco-terrorists kill someone when they set one of their fires. What if the fire had spread and killed neighboring residents? Would ELF have been so torn up that they would give themselves up? I doubt. They probably would just step up and start setting fires to occupied buildings. These scumbags need to be rounded up and put in jail.