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15-year-old girl beaten and urinated on by Backpage pimp

Arteco Marvell Rhodes

Arteco Marvell Rhodes

38-Year-Old Man Charged with Sex Trafficking in Minn.:

In Minnesota 38-year-old Arteco Marvell Rhodes has been charged with the sex trafficking of a minor but that may be the least of his offenses. Investigators say that Rhodes prostituted a 15-year-old girl from Chicago on Backpage in the St. Paul area. When he picked her up from Chicago he asked her if she wanted to be part of the family to do tricks. For the uninitiated that means he wanted her to work for him as a prostitute. Rhodes is said to have had sex with her twice (child rape) and took photos of them in the act. He then turned her out on Backpage for $85 and kept all the money.

The worst part came when the girl said she didn’t want to work for Rhodes anymore. He then allegedly beat her for 3 hours including hitting her with a baseball bat and then choking her unconscious. While she was out cold Rhodes was said to have stomped on her and urinated on her. Then after he was finished beating her he told her to “Go be a kid’ and ‘Don’t say anything’ before dropping her off in the city.

To all the Backpage ‘hobbyists’ out there this is what you’re supporting. Let’s forget the fact that she’s 15 for minute. This is how women are treated by their pimps. This is the rule and not the exception. But what to you care as long as you’re getting your rocks off right? Once again I have to say that the concept of consenting adults is a myth and is only used by johns who are trying to rationalize what they’re doing.

And let’s not ever forget that Backpage is still making money off of tragedies like this. Again in the name of freedom of speech but not the freedom of women and girls.

UPDATE 11/10/2013: Rhodes was recently convicted and cried like a bitch when he was. Maybe that’s what the tear drop tattoo of his really means. He’s scheduled to be sentenced next month.